Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Go-Betweens:Live @ Flex, Vienna, Austria, July 22, 2003

Yeah, I promised something old, but actually I couldn't resist uploading this bootleg I found some time ago and that (shame on me!) I forgot to post till today. And it's an excellent one too, with a song quite hard to find in GB's recent live tracklists like "Love is a sign".
But I promise the next post will be Paisley Underground-oriented. And again a bootleg, I think.

01. Poison In The Wall
02. Too Much Of One Thing
03. In Her Diary
04. Old Mexico
05. Right Here
06. Surfing Magazines
07. Streets Of Your Town
08. Spring Rain
09. Love Is A Sign
10. Baby Stones
11. The Clock
12. 121
13. Love Goes On!
14. The House Jack Kerouac Built

Live @ Flex

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Oscillation: Out Of Phase

Whew, I'm kind of busy these days, so I'm making it (again) brief:If you love Krautrock this new band will give you something new (to think of something old). I mean: the cover'll do it, won't it?
By the next time you'll have more old stuff, but I haven't made up my mind yet. Paisley Underground or Go-Betweens?

Out of phase

Monday, December 03, 2007

Radiohead: In Rainbows CD 2

'Nuff said, I suppose. The famous second disc from the famous discbox.

In Rainbows CD 2

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Go-Betweens: Live Club Soda, Montreal, 1987

Here is another great Go-Betweens' bootleg, the Live in Club Soda, Montreal 1987, from the Tallulah tour. The sound quality is very good, it probably got recorded straight from the soundboard. And I have to admit that I particularly like this period (1987-88) because of the 5-pieces line-up, I find their sound so tight, so strong, maybe GB's at their best (as a live band, a rock band).


1. In The Core Of A Flame
2. Head Full Of Steam
3. Right Here
4. Twin Layers Of Lightning
5. Cut It Out
6. Learn To Live Again
7. I Just Get Caught Out
8. Part Company
9. Bye Bye Pride
10. The Clarke Sisters
11. Spring Rain
12. The House That Jack Kerouac Build
13. Don't Call Me Gone
14. Apology Accepted

Live Club Soda, 1987

Monday, November 19, 2007

Cowboy Junkies 2

Here is the new to Cowboy Junkies' Tinity Sessions Revisited:


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cowboy Junkies: Trinity Sessions Revisited

In this period I'm not goint to post a lot because I have some work to do. So: only a few posts and even fewer words.
In this case: here is the revisitation of the Cowboy Junkies' masterpiece, "The trinity sessions" live and with some guests (Ryan Adams, Vic Chesnutt and Natalie Merchant).
I'll try and put more bootlegs of the go-betweens sometime quite soon.

Trinity Session Revisited

Friday, November 02, 2007

The Go-Betweens: Live in Vega, Copenhagen 2000

At last another GB's bootleg, let's say, and though the sounds is a bit metallic it is all worth, in particular because of some classics from their repertoire (Spring Rain, Bye Bye Pride, and a gorgeous Bachelor Kisses) and the great finale with Easy Come, Easy Go, from Grant's solo career, where he tells Forster to play "more, more" during the solo, and an acoustic Rock'n'Roll Friend.
And yeah, more to come.

  1. Intro
  2. Your Turn, My Turn Intro
  3. Magic In Here
  4. Right Here
  5. Head Full Of Steam
  6. Baby Stones
  7. Strets Of Your Town
  8. Orpheus Beach
  9. He Lives My Life
  10. German Farmhouse
  11. Going Blind
  12. Draining The Pool
  13. Bye Bye Pride
  14. The Clock
  15. Spring Rain
  16. Spirit
  17. Bachelor Kisses
  18. Easy Come Easy Go
  19. Rock 'n' Roll Friend

Live in Vega, Copenhagen 2000

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Joy Division: Still (Live Disc)

As you can also read on a very good (as always) review @ Pithfork (here), Joy Division's albums (the "real ones", i.e. "Unknown Pleasures" and "Closer", plus the "Still" compilation) just got re-edit with a bonus disc of live material. Generally speaking I'd say that the live recordings already published -The BBC sessions, the Les Bains Douches one, and the Preston one- are better quality (as sound), but this "Still"is definitely the best in the pack, so here you are.

Something about the Go-Betweens' Vienna boot: I've read all the comments and I'm glad that some of you requested a re-up, but unfortunately there's been also some very impolite comments and in particular a rather rude one (which I haven't published) that urged me to re-up that same vienna concert. So: I'm writing this blog and uploading this music merely for fun, as a hobby, with no interests of sort and surely not in order to get insulted by anyone. It really bothers me that some people don't get that "for free" doesn't mean "at their will". That's the reason why you won't see the vienna concert soon. But you will, maybe not in a short period of time, yet you will, mainly because of all the kind words in the (published) comments.
And the next one will be a GB's bootleg too.

Still (Live Disc)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Go-Betweens: Fools In Love - Live @ Cabaret Metro Chicago, 1st April 1989

And at last another bootleg from the great GB's, and a very good one indeed: in fact although the sound quality is not excellent (but still quite good) this is a great performance from what IMHO is their peak and their best line-up, the one that toured to promote the "16 Lovers Lane" album. There are also some quite impressive moments in here to prove my theory: the beautiful Clouds with a tambourine and an almost velvetesque mood (1968-9 period by the way), and an incredible rendition of Quiet heart with an over the top drumming by Lindy Morrison that can't help but take you back to Moe Tucker (and Robert playing the harmonica à la Dylan).
It's a pity that in the end The clarke sisters got cut (and I think one song is missing), but hey, what the heck.
And this is not the end: more (bootlegs) to come!

Great Long Ryders bootleg in the surprise link.

1. Don't Let Him Come Back
2. Was There Anything I Could Do?
3. The house That Jack Kerouac Built
4. Clouds
5. Dive For Your Memory
6. Cut It Out
7. I Just Get Caught Out
8. Twin Layers Of Lightning
9. Quiet Heart
10. Streets Of Your Town
11. Bye Bye Pride
12. Right Here
13. Spring Rain
14. The Devil's Eye
15. Love Is A Sign
16. Love Goes On
17. Casanova's Last Words
18. The Clarke Sisters
19. Karen
Fools in love

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

REM: Live

No need to explain with REM, right?
But next post: another Go-Betweens bootleg!

REM Live 1
REM Live 2

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Go-Betweens: Tallulah demos & Liberty Belle Alternates

It's been a while since my last post on the Go-Betweens (a whole month!), so this is for all the fans that (just like me) can't get enough of the band from Brisbane.
So, what is it all about? It is alternate takes from "Liberty Belle & The Black Diamond Express" (actually only the vocal tracks are different from the masters), and demos of "Tallulah" (although 3 out of 5 are already included in "Tallullah"'s expanded edition's second disc).
And I promise I will be back soon with some more from Forster/McLennan & co.

Tallulah demos & Liberty Belle Alternates

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Radiohead: In Rainbows

You can have it for free officially (just click here and order it choosing to pay O.O if so), or you can pay whaever amount you want (but pay attention that the bitrate is 160k, that is llike a common "leak") but if somehow you can't here is the download to Radiohead's new album "In Rainbows".

In Rainbows

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Radiohead: Live Ladyland Studios 2003

I suppose I'm one of the million people who are are dying waiting for "In Rainbows", the new Radiohead LP, so when I bumped into this very good recording of an advance concert for "Hail to the thief" (which was then yet to be released) I couldn't resist and now here it is.
It's 11 songs (including a semi-acoustic rendition of Fake plastic trees and No suprises).

PS Check out the surprise link if you really can't wait till October 10th for LP7

Live Ladyland Studios

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thurston Moore: Trees Outside The Academy

A new album this time, and what album: no less than Sonic Youth's main man's solo. And not only "Trees outside the academy" is excellent, but it is also a non free-form music album, i.e. all tracks in it are proper songs (verse-chorus, etc), and -even more surprisingly perhaps- Thurston Moore has gone acoustic to play them. Definitely a good moment for the SY fans: first "Rather ripped" (which got us back good old sonic riffs and songs) and now Moore's solo, an album full of turns, of surprising moments, in a few words a very fine pop record, one that never allows you to see its direction, to see what's coming next. And never let you down.

Select "Keep broken files" before unpacking it.

Trees outside...reviewed @ Pitchfork
Trees +Q & A @ Uncut
Sonic Youth @ Wiki

Trees outside the academy

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Go-Betweens: Ep's and Singles

I had been looking for these songs for a long time, and now that I have found them I'm glad to share them: it's the Go-Betweens' B-Sides to their 2000-years Singles (and the Worlds Apart EP), a quite hard to find treasure (plus the 7'' edit to Finding You and as some kind of bonus track a Suicide At Home live in Munich in 1999).
Rather obvious that I can't wait for Robert Forster to start working on their last LP (though I find it hard to believe there might be a new Go-Betweens album without McLennan's voice in it...)

EP's and Singles (new: Massmirror link)

Friday, August 31, 2007

Linda Thompson: Fashionably Late

Linda Thompson has just released a brand new album, "Versatile Heart", I know, but by now I like her comeback (after almost 20 years) with this "Fashionably Late" in 2002 so much more, although there may be no Antony singing with her but there is still one song composed by (a very young then) Rufus Wainwright (in "Paint & Powder Beauty") and there are playing guests as ex husband Richard and Fairport Convention veterans Jerry Donohue, Dave Mattacks and Dave Pegg. Along with Van Dyke Parks, Danny Thompson, and son Teddy Thompson.
Pitchfork guys seem to think that "Versatile..." is such a great effort, yeah, but I can't help but find it a bit too mellow, and...may I dare say it...? Boring, there it is. On the contrary "Fahionably" sounds fresh, and not over confident (unlike the previous one), and though she probably will never be as good a songwriter as Richard was in his thirties (what the hell: he himself isn't that good now...but it is, to say the least, almost impossible to top masterpieces like "I want to see the bright lights tonight" and "Shoot out the lights", everybody's aware of that) in this LP she performs songs such as the last one "Dear old man of mine" where she almost makes it: I can clearly sense the sterness in her voice, and I have many reasons to think that this is probably her "The end of the rainbow". Why? Because even though the song is about a husband (to be more precise: an ex husnband, Richard) and not about a son, and it it is somehow gentle while the other one was mean, still it has a similar tempo, a similar construction (mostly downward melodic and harmonic patterns), and share the same seriousness, the same "These are my definitive words on the matter"kind of feeling.
Grab it.

Nice review @
More @ Metacritic

Linda @ Youtube
Linda interviewed in 2002 @ Womanrock

Fashionably Late

Ice Cube talks

Friday, August 24, 2007

Ice Cube: AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted

I'm a bit in a old school hip hop revival, so I went back to the days when Ice Cube was "AmeriKKA's most wanted", but not from Hollywood PR agents...
Despite his most recent career (does anyone remember what he and Public Enemy sang in Burn Hollywood burn? Well, I wish at least he did) his early one was full of wonders, being "AmeriKKKa's most wanted" the greatest... Check out wiki.

AmeriKKKa's most wanted

Friday, August 17, 2007

Bjork: S/t (1977)

I'm going through a Bjork renaissance, and re-discovering Volta (I didn't find it so appealing nor interesting the first time around), and it is merely by chance that I have found some (very) old stuff from her discography, like this 1977 LP she recorded when she wasn't 12 yet: a true gem if you consider that it has been edited and released only in Iceland (and I don't think there are many recent re-issues).
It is obvious that this Bjork cannot be compared to the later genious, the ever new saviour of modern pop music, yet it is funny to listen to the indian extravaganza in the intro of the first song, or to the cover versions of the Beatles' Fool on the hill and Stevie Wonder's Your kiss is sweet.
Plus, there's cover of the LP, that baby Bjork meets George Harrison meets whatever you may considered camp.

PS Click the option "Keep broken files" before unpacking it.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Now there's a alternative link for the Live Munich recording in case you have some problems unpacking it.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Go-Betweens: Live Munich Br2 Radio 27.5.99

It's plain to see that I just can't get enough of The Go-Betweens' live bootlegs (and I hope you don't mind), so here's another one: a radio session in munich (still as an acoustic duo), hence a very fine quality recording bootleg, featuring 13 tracks, lots of which are taken from Forster's and McLennan's solo career (a perfect match with the Intermission post, ain't it?) and with a curious obscure song from the two australians, Suicide at home.
And if you long for more GB's stuff...don't dorry: there's still more to come.

PS If you have some problems unpacking the zip file click "Keep broken files"


1-The devil's eye
2-Part Company
3-Haven't I been a fool
4-Baby stones
5-Suicide at home
6-Dive for your memory
7-Right here
8-Spring rain
10-Bye bye pride
11-Easy come easy go
13-Was there anything I could do

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Go-Betweens: Live acoustic in Vienna 2000

No doubt that the Go-Betweens are maybe my favourite band these days, so I was more than just happy when I found this (short alas) acoustic concert of theirs some time ago. I had been looking for more GB bootlegs for months and finally I took a hold on this. Moreover I have always wanted to listen to some acoustic live recordings of the Go-Betweens since I consider the Acoustic Sessions in their "That Striped Sunlight Sound" DVD just great: McLennan and Forster as an acoustic duo have some true magic working on (by the way, has anyone heard of, or has got some bootlegs of one of their acoustic concerts as a duo in the nineties? That would be terrific), and that's why I'm so glad to have these tracks: it is only Forster and McLennan on stage (during some 2000 tour, probably just before the release of their "The friends of Rachel Worth" comeback CD) playing some songs from "Friends Of..." but also some true GB classic as This girl black girl, Cattle and cane, and Bye bye pride (which, without "Talullah"'s heavy 80's production is a hell of a song).
And the recording quality is very good.

Here is the tracklist:

1-He lives my life
2-Orpheus beach
3-This girl balck girl
4-Bye bye pride
5-When she sang about angels
6-Spring rain
7-Surfing magazines
8-Heart and home
9-Cattle and cane
10-People say
11-Head full of steam
12-Love goes on
13-Danger in the past

Want more?
The Go-Betweens @ wiki
2 Free live songs @ GB's website's library
The Go-Betweens' Archive

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Triffids: In The Pines (Reissue)

Some months ago I posted this same album, I know, but now on my hands I have the brand new reissue, a beautiful one, with several bonus tracks, so I've decided to upload this one too. But in case you do not them I guarantee you that the Triffids were one of the best bands (some could call them a post punk band, and yeah, they'd be quite right, except that the triffids had a violin and a pedal steel guitar among their instruments, which wasn't very common at the time) of the eighties, and they shared the stage with one of my fave bands, the Go-Betweens; in fact they were fellow aussies. "In the pines" was their third LP, released shortly after their peak, the masterpiece "Born Sandy devotianal", and unlike that one In the pines is laid back, somehow quieter, but always mesmeric.

Listen to the waltz of In the pines (but with a melody à la Leadbelly), or to Born Sandy Devotional (curiously both carry the name of an album but Born...should have been on their previous one but didn't make it), or to Kathy Knows. They should be enogh to convince you. And in case you need more go see the great post written here, where you can also download some glorious bootleg tapes (go ahead! Do it!)
In the pines

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

And now I've re-uploaded also disc 2.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I've just re-uploaded the link to disc 1. It should be fine now.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Robert Forster - Grant McLennan : Intermission (The Best Of The Solo Years)

I have just bought this yesterday and I am as happy as a man can be (for buying a CD). The Go-Betweens have been much like my band in these last years, meaning that I have listened to their songs lots and lots of times, so many times that I can easily recall each one of them only by hearing 2 seconds of it, so many times that I must have learnt by heart almost their whole repertoire. In a few words: what I used to do before the internet revolution, before "listening to music" meant listening to a new album a couple of times and then -very often at least- lose it in your hard-drive or in some CD/DVD-R. And that's the reason why I have decided to buy this one: to give back something, to show (to myself, I suppose) how important Forster and McLennan (The Go-Betweens' founding members and writers) have been to me.

Robert Forster - Baby Stones

It still makes me sad to think of how eager I was to wait for another GB's album after "Oceans Apart" and after the last (and only, alas) concert of theirs I had seen and then the shock of hearing the news of McLennan's death last year. And yeah, I know Forster...oh, what the heck (as he would say)...I know Bobby has started working on Grant's demos to give birth to the album they both had planned to do, but I find it hard to believe a new Go-Betweens' album can truly be called so without Grant's voice (the demos, as you can read in this interview here, have no words), so "Intermission", the best of their works as solo artists during the GB's intermission (most people would call it break-up) in the nineties could be the last release with Grant's voice, his beautiful, melodious voice.

Grant McLennan - Easy come, easy go

I'll stop now because I'm getting too emotional, but trust me on this: if you have loved Bobby's and Grant's work go (run!) and buy "Intermission". The songs (more Grant's ones than Bobby's, I have to admit) are great, and then the packaging is simply awesome (two separate discs, and a 28-page lyric book at a very low price).

The Go-Betweens @ Wiki

Intermission Disc 1 -Forster
Intermission Disc 2 -McLennan

Robert Forster - Grant McLennan : Intermission (The Best Of The Solo Years)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Concert Vault

I'm back from a little hiatus just to tell you of a great site I've just bumped into: Concert Vault (from now on you will be able to find the link here on the right) allows you to listen to dozens of concert on streaming (you just have to subscribe first, but that's quick and easy). Examples? I'm now listening to Pink Floys live at Fillmore East, April 29th, 1970. Highly recommended.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Carla Bruni: Quelqu'un m'a dit

Initially I had some about Carla Bruni: former mannequin, beautiful, kind of trendy. It all just didn't seem my cup of tea. So I first snobbed her first LP, but then when the second one got released I read a very good review about it (it had comparisons with Bob Dylan, old bluesmen and alikes), so I decided to give her the benefit of doubt.
And she did surprised me.
I've listened to "No promises"for a long time before getting back to "Quelqu'un m'a dit" (mainly becuase her first LP is in french and I 'm not very used to french music, except Sebastien Tellier and some old ones, like Jacques Brel), but I have to admit it got to me anyway: simple (and sometimes bluesy, sometimes more french-chansonnier-like) chord progression, most of the times with arpeggios, tender vocal melodies (and if you don't like her hoarse voice, well, that's easy to understand, but still what she does with it is haunting, charming).
Here is also the video of my favourite one:

Carla Bruni @ Wiki
Carla Bruni's Lyrics

Quelqu'un m'a dit

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Dream Syndicate: The Complete Live At Raji's

This is one of my fave live recordings ever from a band that I absolutely love: Dream Syndicate's "Complete live at Raji's". I remember buying the original CD release a few years ago (not a long time after having bought their first LP, the milestone "Days of wine and roses" for just...not more than 6 euros, I think), and being just blown away by the quality of the songwriting and by the massive electric guitars. They sort of feedbacked in my mind for weeks...

The start of Still holding on to you is the kind of thing that makes you feel like grabbing an electric guitar (and makes you also feel as if it was the most important thing on earth), while another favourite number of mine has always been Merritville, possibly one of the best electric ballads I've ever listened to.
Plus, this complete edition features some great cover versions (the classic See that my grave is kept clean, and Dylan's All along the watchtower) and two more tracks from their first album (When you smile and Tell me when it's over).
For more stuff about DS go see Steve Wynn's site: it's loaded with tabs, lyrics, mp3's; it is really worth visiting it if you are fans.

Live at Raji's - Disc 1
Live at Raji's - Disc 2

Sunday, June 17, 2007

X : More Fun In The New World

I'm in X-period of sort. Kind of. (I have also been listening a lot to John Doe's new album: maybe even better than the previous one). So I've uploaded "More fun...", a very underrated LP: when it got out many punk purists called it too mainstram, too commercial, but to me it has a Clash-like sound (which is definetely a good thing). It is maybe their "Combat rock": an album that contains many of their most straightforwarded songs, and a few attempts to the charts (yeah, I know, it's a shame for punk rockers...), but it is also a work (as most rock albums that music purists dislike) that puts together what is punk with what is (wasn't?) not: disco, 50's rock, country... Doesn't this sound very "thesedayish"?

And this is True Love Part 2 (with all it its beautiful pastiche medley in the end: disco, Elvis...)'s Video:

PS A great live of theirs in the surprise link.

More Fun In The New World

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Younger Son

And this is a band of friends of mine you can listen to on the mp3 flash player here on the right (or you can go see their site here). If you like blues-rock stuff (like Jon Spencer etc) they might be your thing.

And now in italian...

Gli Younger Son sono un simpatico combo rock-blues che bazzicca dalle parti di Verona (ma non solo), quindi se abitate/vivete/girate/avete donne/avete uomini da queste parti potete fare un salto sul loro sito (il link rimarrà tra i preferiti qui a destra) per vagliare la possibilità di assistere a un loro concerto.

Se siete come l'apostolo Tommaso (quello scettico, su, non fate quella faccia lì...) potete sempre cliccare sul lettore mp3 in streaming qui sopra per ascoltare un loro pezzo, okay? Per altri (da ascoltare/scaricare) ne troverete sul loro sito.

The White Stripes: Icky Thump (ripped from radio broadcast)

For those who can't wait for the last White Stripes' record to hit the record stores here is the leak, ripped from a radio broadcast. Of course this is no state of the art sound quality recording (still most of the songs are a bearable listen) but yet you can get an idea out of it.

And the video of the single is down here.
Great stuff, btw.

Icky Thump

Thursday, May 31, 2007

X : Los Angeles

X were a LA. punk band, and an excellent one, formed in 1977 and "Los Angeles" is their cult debut abum (and one of the '77 punk milestones).
I must have listened to it tons of times and I never get tired, so I have to say that it stands the test of time just fine (and also me aging could have affected its value but it didn't) and Johnny hit and run paulene is still one of my fave punk songs (see the video below).

Johnny hit and run Paulene - Video

X @ wiki

Los Angeles

Friday, May 25, 2007


Persepolis is a movie in competition in the official selection at the Cannes festival, adapted from Marjane Satrapi's graphic novel of the same title (and co-directed by her).
The comic is fabulous: a funny satire of all generalisations and cultural dogmas written with an almost childish naiveté. And the film seems to be up to it.
Here is the teaser trailer:

Persepolis - Teaser 1

Aggiungi al profilo personale | Altri video

Marjane Satrapi @ Random House

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lou Reed: Hooky Wooky

As I had promised here comes some more music: Lou Reed's "Hooky Wooky" single CD. Which contains, of course, the so-titled song (from the "Set the twilight reeling" LP), plus This magic moment out of the Doc Pomus tribute album, You'll never know you loved out of the "Friends"TV Series Soundtrack, and the previously unreleased (and very beautiful) Run.

Lou Reed @ Wiki

Hooky Wooky

Champios League 2007 Final: Milan - Liverpool 2-1

We won.

And since this is supposed to be a music blog (but I promise I'll post more than this next time) here is -at least- one song: Oasis' Champagne Supernova (with its non-sense lyrics, but one of the few songs of theirs I really like...and it's so ecstatic that it seems to be fit for this occasion).

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Paul McCartney: Dance Tonight Video

From forthcoming album "Memory almost full", and directed by Michel Gondry.
And one of the ghosts is Natalie Portman.

Studio 60 Back on 24th

Starting from tomorrow NBC is going to finally air the remaining six episodes of Studio 60 (at 10 pm). It was about time. This one will also feature as guest star Alison Janney (aka CJ in "The West Wing").
If you have never seen an Aaron Sorkin's show try and take a look at it. Down here I've put three excerpts from Sorkin's works: one from Studio 60, and then two old ones, one from Sports Nights and one from The West Wing.
You can view S60's new promo here.

Plus, for all the West Wing hardcore fans: download Tori Amos' cover version of I don't like mondays (you remember the 4th season episode, right?)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Low: Some live recordings

I'll go see a Low concert in a few days, so I think this is the the proper time to remind someone out there of some live recordings of this great Minnesota band available on the net...
Here you can find lots of them (@ the Internet Archive).
And these are my favourite ones (both because of the performance and the quality of the sound) :
...and 2.

Low @ Wiki

Friday, May 18, 2007

Crimen sollicitationis

I know this blog is supposed to talk about music but I bumped into this video yesterday and I was shocked. It is an episode of a BBC program called Panorama, from 2006, and it shows how Roman Church has covered up all the child abuse crimes committed by catholic priests.
So what is Crimen sollicitationis? It is a secret document issued by the Holy Office that imposes secrecy (concerning sex crimes) even upon victims of sexual abuse. In a few words: priests who are known by hierarchies to be pedophiles get transferred and more often than not everything is done in order to avoid legal prosecution. Hence no support for the victims, hence the chance for these child abusers to commit their awful crime again too.
And by the way, Pope Joseph Ratzinger has more than something to be blamed.

You can watch the whole program here.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Talking Heads: More Songs About Buildings And Food

Maybe it's time to go back to the originals: after Franz Ferdinand, Bloc things and many other Talking Heads wannabes why not listen to some 100& talking heads?
So here's "More songs about buldings and food, their second LP, mostly famous for the cover of Al Green's Take me to the river (truly a must), but it is anyway miles ahead of its predecessor, probably because it's also their first album produced by Brian Eno (first of three: if you do not have them go get 'em).

Talking Heads @ Wiki
TH's fan site

Here's a beatiful cover of Magnetic Fields' Born on a train by Arcade Fire

More songs about buildings and food

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

LCD Soundsystem: Sound Of Silver

I feel pretty strongly about this: "Sound of silver"is one of my favourite albums of this this year.
I've been listenig to it for only a couple of weeks by now (and for a longer time partly because I had found the fist LP rather interesting but not that interesting -like: would this change my life? Not really...good things but not over the top, probably a bit too stylish -and à la mode- and too simplicistic, I don't know). Was it embarassing as most of the dance-oriented electronic music often is? No way. But "Sound of..." is far far better.

It is still very unlikely that some friend will catch me dancing on tables because of the new LCD, yet I would not mind so much (but I do not find myself usually in such situations...). Stranger to me is that I am way more attracted by colder electronica (Aphex Twin, Four Tet) or Indietronica.
Lots of great songs-songs in here by the way: All my friends, New York I love you above all. Plus James Murphy has learned to write some lyrics too, being NY I love you a good example:

You're still the one pool
Where I'd happily drown
And oh.. Take me off your mailing list
For kids that think it still exists
Yes, for those who think it still exists

Obvious considerations (aren't they?): Murphy owes more than something to new wavers, Brian Eno, David Bowie (like the way he sings -along with doubled voices in Get Innocuous)...and most of his music is filled up with hommages to those beautiful years between Glam-Rock's zenith (1974) and post punk revolution (1979-82). Not an inch of plagiarism but tons of love from (a now famous) big fan to his much-loved idols. Or am I the only one who loves to hear Iggy Pop references along with Devo or Kraftwerk-like synth hooks?

LCD Soundsystem's official site
LCD @ Wiki

Sound of silver

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pavement : Brighten The Corners

I was reading a nice article about them, (in italian, in the new issue of Mucchio Extra), and I immediately felt like listening to my fav Pavement's album, "Brighten the corners", and my mind went back to some years ago when I went to a party (or crashed it, can't quite remember...), heard Shady Lane through a stereo set and thought: "This is a great party!", and ever since I have always been sure that the coolest thing is to get in a room full of people you don't know and hear one of the best indie-rock songs of all the time.
"This is my people" flashed in my mind, and I felt suddenly at ease, smiling as much as I could.

A title, by the way? Date with IKEA. 'Nuff said.

Pavement @ Wiki
Pavement's Lyrics

Brighten the corners

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Keren Ann: S/t

Keren Ann is a Dutch/Israeli citizen living mostly between France and the USA and this homonymous album is also her sixth. Produced and played in the USA and in Iceland seems to mean for Ann that her influences of her past are now de fait past: no more french-style chansonnes, but as you can see (also by watching this video, although I do not know if it is an official one) Lay your head down is a very Velvet Underground-like song, while The harder ships of the world owes something to Cowboy Junkies. And if you like Mazzy Star and Hope Sandoval I think you may find something in here that might meet your tastes as well.

Keren Ann on Wiki
Exclusive Live Videos @Les Inrocks

Download: Keren Ann

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Maia Hirasawa

Love this girl. I have discovered her album through a Bolachas Gratis post, and it's highly recommended.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Neil Young: Live At Massey Hall

There are two Neil Young's to me: the electric warrior, riding mostly with his Crazy horse, perfectly pictured in LPs as "Ragged glory", and then the gentle loner, singing high-pitched acoustic pieces as seen on "Harvest" or "Silver & gold". I have always prefered the latter, and that's why I'm loving his last release so much: "Live At Massey Hall"is the second CD of his Performance Series (much like Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series) -though weirdly coded as #3...- and sees the canadian singing and playing on his own back home in Canada, but what really overwhelms me is that he keeps going: "This is a new song..."and what follows is what we know as a masterpiece. And already perfectly shaped.
In fact in a few months "Harvest" will come out, but many songs from "Time fades away" and "On the beach" are already in his live repertoire by that day, and it just blows my mind to think of this man that, in a bunch of weeks, composed songs as Journey through the past, A man needs a maid, Needle and the damage done, Old man, See the sky about to rain...and he chats through them as though they were just some more songs.
By the way, the performance is outstanding, with some pieces quite close to album's rendition, but some of the others that differ from it...and get even better: listen to A man needs a maid without Jack Nietsche's pompous orchestration. It is no doubt why some of Neil Young's friends insisted on releasing this before "Harvest". 36 years have been a long time, but the wait has surely been worth it.

More Info:
Neil Young @ Wiki
Fansite: Hyper Rust (lots of stuff, including tabs)
Neil Young Links

Live at Massey Hall

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Richard Thompson: Solitary Life Documentary + Dad's gonna kill me (new song)

I was just going through youtube the other day and I found this very well-made BBC documentary (in 7 parts on youtube) on Richard Thompson called "Solitary life" which starts from his early days as a Fairport Convention member and contains bits of performances (also some exclusive ones), plus interviews with friends and former wife Linda. Here are all parts.
But what is more important is that Thompson is due to release a new album, "Sweet Warrior" in May 28, but meantime you can download this new song from SW in advance, Dad's gonna kill me just below the you tube video (and you can read its lyrics). You'll also find out that this is no song about his father (longing for killing Richard), but about war, since "Dad" is military slang for Baghdad.

Download Dad's gonna kill me

"Out in the desert there’s a soldier lying dead
Vultures pecking the eyes out of his head
Another day that could have been me there instead
Nobody loves me here
Nobody loves me here

Dad’s Gonna Kill Me
Dad’s Gonna Kill Me

You hit the booby trap and you’re in pieces
With every bullet your risk increases
Old Ali Baba, he’s a different species
Nobody loves me here
Nobody loves me here

Dad’s Gonna Kill Me
Dad’s Gonna Kill Me

I’m dead meat in my HumV Frankenstein
I hit the road block, God knows I never hit the mine
The dice rolled and I got lucky this time

Dad’s Gonna Kill Me
Dad’s Gonna Kill Me

I’ve got a wife, a kid, another on the way
I might get home if I can live through today
Before I came out here I never used to pray
Nobody loves me here
Nobody loves me here

Dad’s Gonna Kill Me

Dad’s in a bad mood, Dad’s got the blues
It’s someone else’s mess that I didn’t choose
At least we’re winning on the Fox Evening News
Nobody loves me here

Dad’s Gonna Kill Me
Dad’s Gonna Kill Me

Dawn Patrol went out and didn’t come back
Hug the wire and pray like I told you, Mac
Or they’ll be shovelling bits of you into a sack

Dad’s Gonna Kill Me.

And who’s that stranger walking in my dreams
And whose that stranger cast a shadow ‘cross my heart
And who’s that stranger, I dare speak his name
Must be old Death a-walking
Must be old Death a-walking

Dad’s Gonna Kill Me

7 muzzle monkeys standing in a row
Standing waiting for The Sandbox to blow
Sitting targets in the wild west show

Nobody loves me here

Dad’s Gonna Kill Me

Another angel got his wings this week
Charbroiled with his own Willie Pete
Nobody’s dying if you speak double-speak

Dad’s Gonna Kill Me"

More info:
More about military slang in thompson's words
Richard Thompson @ Wiki

Friday, April 13, 2007

Fairport Convention: Liege & Lief

There should be no need for explanation here. Because "Liege & lief" is one of the best albums of all time, the masterpiece of folk-rock, or british way to folk-rock, played by a band at its peak and at its most painful time (if you don't know much of the story that led to L&L read this).
Anyway, this was Fairport Convention's 4th long playing release and, as hard as it appeared to be, it topped also their previously LP, "Unhalfbricking", and it made history for Sandy Denny's perfect vocal performance and its combination of tradionals mostly and self-penned songs (or new suits for traditional songs, with new lyrics for instance).
What else: Richard Thompson may be the best british guitar player ever (sorry for all Eric Clapton fans, by the way)
In a few words:one of my desert island discs.
Plus, this is the 2002 edition, with 2 bonus tracks.

More info:
"Liege & lief" @ Wiki
Fairport Convention @ Wiki

Liege & Lief

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kurt Vonnegut RIP

"If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph:


said once Kurt Vonnegut, and this post is for all the people who have loved his unbelievably witty and funny novels. He was one of the last humanist and socialist in the american"showbiz", and it probably took a lot of sense of humour to be one. So: grab a coby of "Slaughterhouse 5", turn off your iPod and pay him hommage, if you like.

Listen to KV's interview in 2006 @ BBC Radio 4
and then:
Good article on KV @ Rolling Stone
KV @ Wiki
KV's non-official site, full of stuff
KV's quotes @ Wikiquote
KV's quotes @ The Quotation Page

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Magic Numbers @ Fabchannel

Ain't this a great song?
Just a little excuse to show some of this wonderful site, Fabchannel, filled up with whole concerts (for instance: arcade fire, I am kloot, solomon burke, bloc party, bright eyes, jaga jazzist, john cale's).

Friday, April 06, 2007

John Cale: Five Tracks EP

This time a little upload: John Cale's "Five tracks EP", released in 2003 prior to his great comeback with the "HoboSapiens" LP. None of these songs featured later in the albun btw.
Well, this is mostly it. The mood is more or less the same as in "HoboSapiens" and -which is more important- these tracks are surely better than others that made it to an album in his past career (my mind goes to "Walking on locusts": money very bad spent, heck). So: great atmosphere, and pieces of music played and sung at Cale's best.

More Info:
John Cale @ Wiki.

Five Tracks EP

Monday, April 02, 2007

Nick Castro: A Spy In The House of God

Here I am, back with the first Nick Castro's album. About his last -"Come into our house"- much has been said, but I do prefer his first: a bit more free-form, while the last dug too much into the great british folk-rock artists' repertoire, like Fairport Convention's (and Wendy Watson is no Sandy Denny). Which I love, but the fact is that he just can't keep up with them if he plays their same game. That's why I like this album so much: there's more non-british music (i.e. indian and psych stuff) and more room for trance-like tracks or atmospheric songs in general in it (like No sweeter thing, that reminds me more of Sid Barrett's Pink Floyd than Denny's FC). Listen also to the beninning of Winter's song: isn't it like a gamelan ensemble playing?

A spy in the house of god (320k)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Julie's Haircut On Streaming

Last week I've been at a Julie's Haircut's concert and, as always, it has been a hell of a gig: it is kind of hard for me to explain how great they are to people who have never seen them live, because when they are on the road they are the best at what they do (and what they do, by the way, is an extremely exciting live act, based mainly on loose versions of songs from their last album, "After dark, my sweet", which got recorded in only one week on a very improv mood, and with the help of ex Spacemen 3 Sonic Boom).
So my idea was introduce some people who may be curious about them (and if you aren't...well, you should, ok?) with a collection of 14 songs that I have picked from their whole career (i.e. 4 albums and some EPs), and that I have put in the sidebar on the right on streaming and so hope to push someone to go look for their records and maybe buy something.
One more thing: I took the picture over here, so you can blame me anytime you feel like...

More Info:
"After dark, my sweet" @ iTunes
"After dark, my sweet" @ SonicRocket
Julies' Haircut Press