Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Re-Up: The Go-Betweens - Fools In Love (Live Cabaret Metro, Chicago, 1st April 1989)

As soon as I knew this one wasn't avaible anymore I decided I had to re-upload it, being "Fools In Love" one of my favaourite boots of the Go-Betweens, not because of the quality of the recording (which is pretty good, though), but because of the performance itself: some of the renditions of true GBs' classics here are outstanding. I'm thinking of Quiet heart with the "oceanic" drums, or "Clouds" with that guitar/jingle jangle guitar/tambourine that is SO much 60's flower pop...
In short: probably one of the best 5 GBs' boots ever. Enjoy.

A call for all australian GBs' fans out there from a non-australian one: can anyone record and upload the SBS broadcast of "Great australian albums" dedicated to "16 Lovers Lane" that will air on saturday 6th September? Please? For more info see GBs' news page.


Anonymous said...

I hope someone is able to record the broadcast!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

misha i intend to record the show tonight, and i know some others who are as well as a fellow who has a preview copy and seen it already.So im sure someone will have it, im think ing of creating an avi file, spilting it and sharing via my blog,
if i can work it all out.
keep an eye out.
ciao bob

Robert said...

Hi Misha,

Thanks for all the great GoBetweens posts on your site!

My recording of the 2000 GoBetweens J-File is up on Striped Sunlight Sound - not sure if you'd already have a copy, it's a lovely program.

Thanks again!


Chris said...

I was going to suggest Striped Sunlight Sound, which now has the Great Australian Albums documentary up, too, and is generally a treasure trove of Australian Music.

The documentary is great, by the way - never realised quite how much the inter-band affairs influenced the songs on '16 Lovers Lane'.

chris said...

any chance for a re re-up?