Friday, April 13, 2007

Fairport Convention: Liege & Lief

There should be no need for explanation here. Because "Liege & lief" is one of the best albums of all time, the masterpiece of folk-rock, or british way to folk-rock, played by a band at its peak and at its most painful time (if you don't know much of the story that led to L&L read this).
Anyway, this was Fairport Convention's 4th long playing release and, as hard as it appeared to be, it topped also their previously LP, "Unhalfbricking", and it made history for Sandy Denny's perfect vocal performance and its combination of tradionals mostly and self-penned songs (or new suits for traditional songs, with new lyrics for instance).
What else: Richard Thompson may be the best british guitar player ever (sorry for all Eric Clapton fans, by the way)
In a few words:one of my desert island discs.
Plus, this is the 2002 edition, with 2 bonus tracks.

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Liege & Lief


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Is there any chance you can put Bjork Family Tree disc 1 & 2 back up? The link is not working.

Anonymous said...

I have this album and it is terrific. Probably FC's best. Would you be able to post more contemporary folk?


michelerui79 said...

Mmm..I'm thinking about it. I have already posted Thompson' Grizzly Man OST, and maybe I'll post something more (my fave in these days is Shoot out the lights). Any suggestions? A tip: I don't like pentangle or renaissance etc.