Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sandy Denny: 2010 Box Set Vol 8 (Bonus Tracks)

I haven't posted anything in a very looooong time, I know. So I'm starting again today with what I hope it's going to be a very appreciated post, i.e. the bonus tracks to the eighth volume of last year's Sandy Denny Box. I mean: it is a REAL shame that the box (at least the physical one) isn't available anymore...
But the reason why, of all the volumes of this wonderful Box Set, I have chosen the eighth one is because I have always thought that Denny's 1974 "Like an old fashioned waltz" is such an underrated LP, but probably so because (and rightly so) of the production: all those cheesy strings... So, listening to these six tracks with no strings was quite a joy to my ears.

Coming soon: more Go-Betweens.

Box Set Vol. 8 (Bonus Tracks)

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