Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Joy Division: Still (Live Disc)

As you can also read on a very good (as always) review @ Pithfork (here), Joy Division's albums (the "real ones", i.e. "Unknown Pleasures" and "Closer", plus the "Still" compilation) just got re-edit with a bonus disc of live material. Generally speaking I'd say that the live recordings already published -The BBC sessions, the Les Bains Douches one, and the Preston one- are better quality (as sound), but this "Still"is definitely the best in the pack, so here you are.

Something about the Go-Betweens' Vienna boot: I've read all the comments and I'm glad that some of you requested a re-up, but unfortunately there's been also some very impolite comments and in particular a rather rude one (which I haven't published) that urged me to re-up that same vienna concert. So: I'm writing this blog and uploading this music merely for fun, as a hobby, with no interests of sort and surely not in order to get insulted by anyone. It really bothers me that some people don't get that "for free" doesn't mean "at their will". That's the reason why you won't see the vienna concert soon. But you will, maybe not in a short period of time, yet you will, mainly because of all the kind words in the (published) comments.
And the next one will be a GB's bootleg too.

Still (Live Disc)


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for all the fine uploads. The track 7 from the JD Live CD is coruppted. Can you check this and reupload?

You are right with the GB Vienna files, nevertheless I am waiting to hear them.

See you


e said...

sorry to hear that someone doesn't get it about these music blogs.

I've read comments from some of these people and they smack of barely socialized obsessives.

that said, thanks for the go-betweens stuff.

looking forward to listening.

and don't sweat the morons.
they're morons!