Friday, August 05, 2011

Giraffe: There Is No Devil

This is a wonderful album. Released through a netlabel (12rec), "There is no devil" is James Gardner/Giraffe's second album: if you appreciate the likes of Bon Iver or other soft and intense music, this album is for you. Probably Gardner's career is not one for international charts and he is not a well known artist, but still this music deserves real attention: I really fell in love with it. Just start listening to it and you'll soon be in awe by his songcraft. Seriously: listen to the whole album.

And you can buy it here (in any format you like) or download it for free via the internet archive.

Friday, June 24, 2011

16 Lovers Lane: Don't Try To Push Me EP

16 Lovers Lane are a band from Verona, Italy. “Don’t try to push me” is their first release. Their name is an obvious homage to the Go-Betweens' sixth album with the same title. If my followers or others bloggers who like this blog feel like posting about this EP, I would appreciate it a lot.

I have to say that I'm fond of this EP and I'm close to the people who made it, so I'll just stop here. But I really would like you all to tell me what you think about it. Or just contact them via myspace or facebook.

For more info, see here @ Clinical Archives.

You can listen to the whole EP here:

Don't Try To Push Me EP

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Go-Betweens: Live in Brisbane 1986

It's been very long since the last time I posted some "new" Gobs' bootleg, and this one really had to be uploaded, being from one of their most interesting periods (their shift from a 4 piece combo to a 5 piece, with Amanda Brown on violin and oboe duty mostly) and sounding simply great.
The tracklist is amazing, with some pearls too: some very good backing vocals by McLennan on Don't let him come back (this could be its best live performance ever, imo), a good rock-sounding Head full of steam, a beautiful (and quite rare) version of Twin layers of lightning, an edgy rendition of That way, and an extra funny People say.
About the recording: this comes from a soundboard, hence the very good quality (there's only a light hiss in the background).
PS Check out these Gob's posters I've found surfing the web.

(Picture taken from the Go-Betweens' Songbook)


1. In The Core Of A Flame
2. Head Full Of Steam
3. Right Here
4. One Thing Can Hold Us
5. Don't Let Him Come Back
6. Bachelor Kisses
7. Twin Layers Of Lightning
8. Bye Bye Pride
9. Five Words
10. That Way
11. The House That Jack Kerouac Built
12. To Reach Me
13. Palm Sunday
14. Spring Rain
15. Apology Accepted
16. Cattle & Cane
17. People Say

Brisbane 1986

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bon Iver: Full album in streaming

You can listen to the the whole new Bon Iver album in streaming @ NPR's First Listen.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Go-Betweens: Ep's and Singles (REPOST)

These are the Go-Betweens' B-Sides to their 2000-years Singles (and the Worlds Apart EP), a quite hard to find treasure. Plus the 7'' edit to Finding You and, as some kind of bonus track, a Suicide At Home live in Munich in 1999.

PS And by the way: Girl lying on a beach is one my favourite Forster's songs ever.


01 Finding you (7" version)
02 Instant replay
03 The city of lights
04 Sleeping giant
05 The locust girls
06 Crystal shacks
07 Erotic sunshine
08 Woman across the way
09 Stone
10 Girl lying on a beach
11 Suicide at home (The BR 2 Session, live 1999)

Ep's and Singles

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Taiga Blues: Neuanfang

This an album from a scottish duo released by Cakes & Takes Label:but not your average kind of quiet folky duo, not at all. They are in fact an eletric band, playing with many influences, mostly 70's stuff (above all, and my favourite one: Krautrock), and they are a very joyous and groovy band.

Download for free/Buy it here

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bob Dylan is 70: Dylan & The Band - A Tree With Roots 1 & 2 (The Genuine Basement Tapes) REPOST

Here's the whole repost, for Bob's 70th birthday:

I don't know if there is any need to go and explain what the basement tapes are (btw, after dylan's famous motorbike accident -probably an exaggereted one- his Bobness himself decided to take some time for himself, some time in the country -Woodstock was the place, just playin' round with The Band some old american music -some would call it Americana these days- and improved some new tunes, the most of it in a totally free way, with no push whatsover), but the fact is, and this has to be stated clear, the basement tapes which later got to be released through Sony were never intended to be for the public audience and, more important to us, they were just the tip of the iceberg.
Meaning there were loads of songs (and songs and songs...) left in Dylan's archives (want me to name one? The stuning "I'm not there", which gave the name for Todd Haynes's bizarre biopic last year), and all of that soon came out labelled as "Genuine basement tapes", a 5 CDs collection full of interesting material though not lacking flaws(i.e. the recording quality being the major one, and then, well, maybe too many takes or some not-so interesting short bits or sketches of songs, but hey, de gustibus...).
So what is "A Tree With Roots" then?
Quite easy to tell: the same genuine tapes, remastered, but with an order which kind of tries to make some sense out of the mass of pretty random music compositions. All of it compressed in a 4 volumes edition, and here am I giving you the first two (what'll you find in these? I'd say some little gems like Lock your door, Bonnie ship the diamond, or Dylan and the Band covering Bells of rhymney...but these are just some of my faves, and there are 58 in here, so knock yourself off and your own ones). And wait for 3 & 4 (with Going to Acapulco, the now famous I'm not there and the very core of the basement tapes, I'd say)

Want to to know more on ATWR? Check this page here (for the complete tracklist, the story and some notes). Or wiki for the whole story behind the basement tapes.

Enjoy, enjoy.
Next (in a couple of days): Vol. 3 & 4.

A Tree With Roots Vol. 1
A Tree With Roots Vol. 2

Saturday, May 21, 2011

T.Rex: Rabbit Fighter (The Alternate Slider)

I do have some problems with the 70's and that rock scene: I have never been into prog nor into hard rock, so I have always had problems coping with that decade (in music). That's one of the reasons why I haven't given many chances to Marc Bolan...oh, I know, I was young and foolish. Except that I actually wasn't even that young. Anyway: The Slider has been my point of entry into Bolan's music: funny (as all T. Rex albums should be), but with some great ballads (well, kinda: is Spaceball ricochet a ballad? Still: I love it) and wonderful, really awesome sounds. So, when I decided to post something Bolan-related I thought that Rabbit Fighter (alternate versions to the songs on The Slider) would come handy.
Basically: Rabbit Fighter is a bit more stripped down (and sometimes rougher) than the actual Slider, and it comprises tracks that sound like acoustic demos more than properly arranged songs (Thunderwing, Baby strange, Ballroom Mars, Telegram Sam: nearly a Tyrannosaurus Rex number in this shape) . Plus: Cadillac's demo (which was the b-side of Telegram Sam). And if you love Bolan you gotta listen to this.

Rabbit Fighter

Friday, May 20, 2011

Repost: The go-betweens's Acoustic Stories (the mp3's)

Here's the whole repost.
I assume many of you, if you are go-betweens' fans, already know the "That striped sunlight sound"DVD, which is divided into two sections: one the proper concert, and two the Acoustic Stories part, where Robert and Grant talked about their career and performed 11 songs out of it in splendid stripped-down acoustic versions. I had been looking for the MP3's of that acoustic performance for a long time but with no luck, then I finally rolled up my sleeves, found the right software and did it myself: it took me some time so I really hope you appreciate it.
I have also decided to create two zip files: one with the "complete"acoustic stories (including all the talks inbetweens songs), and one songs-only.
All of it @ 192k.

  1. Lee Remick
  2. Cattle and Cane
  3. Part Company
  4. Bachelor Kisses
  5. Head Full of Steam
  6. Bye Bye Price
  7. Dive for Your Memory
  8. German Farm House
  9. Too Much of One Thing
  10. Here Comes the City
  11. Finding You
The Acoustic Stories
The "Complete" Acoustic Stories

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sandy Denny: 2010 Box Set Vol 8 (Bonus Tracks)

I haven't posted anything in a very looooong time, I know. So I'm starting again today with what I hope it's going to be a very appreciated post, i.e. the bonus tracks to the eighth volume of last year's Sandy Denny Box. I mean: it is a REAL shame that the box (at least the physical one) isn't available anymore...
But the reason why, of all the volumes of this wonderful Box Set, I have chosen the eighth one is because I have always thought that Denny's 1974 "Like an old fashioned waltz" is such an underrated LP, but probably so because (and rightly so) of the production: all those cheesy strings... So, listening to these six tracks with no strings was quite a joy to my ears.

Coming soon: more Go-Betweens.

Box Set Vol. 8 (Bonus Tracks)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

REM: Collapse Into Now (full streaming)

I'm a REM fan too, yeah.

This is the tracklist:

01. Discoverer
02. All The Best
03. Uberlin
04. Oh My Heart
05. It Happened Today
06. Every Day Is Yours To Win
07. Alligator Aviator Autopilot Antimatter
08. Walk It Back
09. Mine Smell Like Honey
10. That Someone Is You
11. Me, Marlon Brando, Marlon Brando and I
12. Blue

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Friends of Folk Festival, Brisbane

The 3rd Annual
More than a concert. It’s a concept.

~ Featuring rare performances by


$1 from every ticket will be donated to the
Plus a SILENT AUCTION for an artist-signed poster
All other ticket profits donated to the Premier’s

Tanglewood TW45NS-B Acoustic/Electric folk guitar donated by Music 440 Musical Instruments
Proceeds will be included in our DISASTER RELIEF APPEAL donation.
Family-friendly | All-ages* | Doors: 11am-8pm
*All minors MUST be accompanied by an adult
PRESALE TICKETS (plus booking fees): $44 Adults / $38 Students / $10 Kids / $92 Family

AT THE DOOR: $55 Adults / $48 Students / $10 Kids / $110 Family

Proudly presented by The Modern Enthusiasts Inc. and Time Off, the 3rd annual Friends of Folk Festival has just released its 2nd Artist Announcement, featuring many of Queensland’s best artists. Taking place March 6th at Brisbane’s iconic Old Museum, the day will feature local music, short films, visual arts, fine arts and other festivities in a colourful, family-friendly atmosphere. Friends of Folk Festival is a community-run not-for-profit music/arts festival with the vision of showcasing and celebrating the artists that define our community.

Featuring rare performances by Robert Forster and Don Walker; and special performances from The Gin Club, Andrew Morris, Asa Broomhall, Emma Dean, Tara Simmons, Mardi Lumsden & the Rising Seas, Hotel Motel, Hannah Macklin & the Maxwells and many more. Sponsored by James Morrell Website Development, Music 440 Musical Instruments, Angel Studios, Emily Weier Designs, The Sneaky Cafe, Posterbill and Shotz Digital Print.

Friday, February 04, 2011

The Go-Betweens: Live in Hamburg 1986

I haven't posted a Gobs' bootleg in quite a long time (a whole year), so it is definitely time for me to start again and, plus, with one of my favourite periods of the band, when they had just become a five piece ensemble and were starting to write great pop songs (while they still had some very new wake-like/edgy songs in the repertoire).
In fact, this is one of the very first concerts with Amanda Brown (on violin and, I suppose, keyboards) in the band given that, according to David Nichols' biography of the band, she joined the group around April 1986 and this german gig is supposed to date back to June of the same year. The new element does bring some new nuances to the live renditions of many songs and, though many pieces are still to be worked properly maybe, there is an appealing rawness in this concert when some songs seem to punch harder than ever (One thing can hold us, In the core of a flame, Palm sunday) although -yes- there are some weird arrangements, too mostly because of the keyboard (Bachelor kiss, I work in a health spa).
The bootleg is an audience recording, but a quite decent one.

Live in Hamburg 1986

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nikki Sudden: The Last Bandit Bonus Disc

I knew about Nikki Sudden some years ago through the "I knew Buffalo Bill" album, a true masterpiece played and written together with Jeremy Gluck (from the Barracudas), Jeffrey Lee Pierce (Gun Club), Rowland S. Howard (Birthday Party and These Immortal Souls) and others. Which is kind of strange because lately I've started listening to all these people at different times without realizing they were all in that LP...
Anyway, the point is: it's been only a few weeks since I've started digging really into Nikki Sudden's solo career (although I do appreciate his early work with Swell Maps as well), and now I'm getting addicted to his voice and songwriting, specially when it comes to his more laid back and acoustic songs (like in his "Texas" LP, or in the Jacobites' "Robespierre's Velvet Basement"), and that's the reason why I like this bonus disc of his 2000 compilation so much: in fact it contains seven of his best songs rendered in a solo acoustic fashion...and they are just as amazing as they are simple.
Plus, this is a bonus disc which was part of the only US version (but you can get it through Amazon).

And this is Nikki playing solo one if his classics, Death is hanging over me: