Friday, August 10, 2007

The Go-Betweens: Live Munich Br2 Radio 27.5.99

It's plain to see that I just can't get enough of The Go-Betweens' live bootlegs (and I hope you don't mind), so here's another one: a radio session in munich (still as an acoustic duo), hence a very fine quality recording bootleg, featuring 13 tracks, lots of which are taken from Forster's and McLennan's solo career (a perfect match with the Intermission post, ain't it?) and with a curious obscure song from the two australians, Suicide at home.
And if you long for more GB's stuff...don't dorry: there's still more to come.

PS If you have some problems unpacking the zip file click "Keep broken files"


1-The devil's eye
2-Part Company
3-Haven't I been a fool
4-Baby stones
5-Suicide at home
6-Dive for your memory
7-Right here
8-Spring rain
10-Bye bye pride
11-Easy come easy go
13-Was there anything I could do


JaxR said...

Thanks for all the good music! While you're at it, you should check the London Barbican 2004 here if you don't already have it!!

Daddy Can I Turn This? said...

Thanks so much, Misha! A beautiful set. And keep the great GoBees stuff comin'!

Little Keith

marcF said...

Thanks a bunch for the two Go-Betweens sets.
On the BR2 one, "clouds" seems to be corrupt, just to let you know.

Jaxr provided us w/ another great link (merci Jacques) :
sadly the links to the files are not working for me (deleted or non present on the server)...
Could somebody put them somewhere else, please (rapidshare, shrebee, etc...) ?
Thanks in advance !

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the Go-Betweens' bootlegs. It's a pleasure to listen to them live.

Here's another concert from 2000 (to be precise November 22) just after the release of The Friends of Rachel Worth. It's taken from a show the did in the Spanish public radio and television and it only lasts for about 30 minutes but I think is one of the best I listened to. The quality is superb and it's almost an acoustic set. McLennan and Forster are only accompanied by Adele Pickvance on bass and back up vocals and a drummer (I don't remember his name) with one drum only, a hi-hat and a tambourine.

The set list:

The Clock
Streets Of Your Town
He Lives My Life
Magic In Here
Going Blind
Love Is A Sign (unfortunately it fades at the end).

I'm sure you'll love it

michelerui79 said...

To marcf:if you try clicking Keep broken files it should work out fine

Philippe said...


I have the same issue with the BR2 set. I can only extract 8 songs, up to Clouds.

It's beautiful.

can you re-post the show or the remaining 5 songs ?

thanks, philippe

Steve said...

Thanks so much for the live sets. The Go-Betweens music is the same for me.. the soundtrack of my life. It's so good to hear their songs performed this way. I regret so much missing Grant and Roberts final tours in whatever country I was in at the time. Will never get that chance again.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for the great music on your site. I love the Go-Betweens and I'm still mourning the passing of Grant... What a band!