Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Dream Syndicate: The Complete Live At Raji's

This is one of my fave live recordings ever from a band that I absolutely love: Dream Syndicate's "Complete live at Raji's". I remember buying the original CD release a few years ago (not a long time after having bought their first LP, the milestone "Days of wine and roses" for just...not more than 6 euros, I think), and being just blown away by the quality of the songwriting and by the massive electric guitars. They sort of feedbacked in my mind for weeks...

The start of Still holding on to you is the kind of thing that makes you feel like grabbing an electric guitar (and makes you also feel as if it was the most important thing on earth), while another favourite number of mine has always been Merritville, possibly one of the best electric ballads I've ever listened to.
Plus, this complete edition features some great cover versions (the classic See that my grave is kept clean, and Dylan's All along the watchtower) and two more tracks from their first album (When you smile and Tell me when it's over).
For more stuff about DS go see Steve Wynn's site: it's loaded with tabs, lyrics, mp3's; it is really worth visiting it if you are fans.

Live at Raji's - Disc 1
Live at Raji's - Disc 2

Sunday, June 17, 2007

X : More Fun In The New World

I'm in X-period of sort. Kind of. (I have also been listening a lot to John Doe's new album: maybe even better than the previous one). So I've uploaded "More fun...", a very underrated LP: when it got out many punk purists called it too mainstram, too commercial, but to me it has a Clash-like sound (which is definetely a good thing). It is maybe their "Combat rock": an album that contains many of their most straightforwarded songs, and a few attempts to the charts (yeah, I know, it's a shame for punk rockers...), but it is also a work (as most rock albums that music purists dislike) that puts together what is punk with what is (wasn't?) not: disco, 50's rock, country... Doesn't this sound very "thesedayish"?

And this is True Love Part 2 (with all it its beautiful pastiche medley in the end: disco, Elvis...)'s Video:

PS A great live of theirs in the surprise link.

More Fun In The New World

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Younger Son

And this is a band of friends of mine you can listen to on the mp3 flash player here on the right (or you can go see their site here). If you like blues-rock stuff (like Jon Spencer etc) they might be your thing.

And now in italian...

Gli Younger Son sono un simpatico combo rock-blues che bazzicca dalle parti di Verona (ma non solo), quindi se abitate/vivete/girate/avete donne/avete uomini da queste parti potete fare un salto sul loro sito (il link rimarrà tra i preferiti qui a destra) per vagliare la possibilità di assistere a un loro concerto.

Se siete come l'apostolo Tommaso (quello scettico, su, non fate quella faccia lì...) potete sempre cliccare sul lettore mp3 in streaming qui sopra per ascoltare un loro pezzo, okay? Per altri (da ascoltare/scaricare) ne troverete sul loro sito.

The White Stripes: Icky Thump (ripped from radio broadcast)

For those who can't wait for the last White Stripes' record to hit the record stores here is the leak, ripped from a radio broadcast. Of course this is no state of the art sound quality recording (still most of the songs are a bearable listen) but yet you can get an idea out of it.

And the video of the single is down here.
Great stuff, btw.

Icky Thump