Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tribute to Lal Waterson 25-10-07

Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago if I had this: yes, I do have it and here it comes.
Lal Waterson was part of the Watersons, a british vocal folk band, whose main focus was on traditional songs; but in the seventies Lal started (at last) recording her own stuff, first with her brother Mike in the seminal 1972 LP "Bright Phoebus" and then with her sister Norma in 1977 ("A True Hearted Girl"), and finally in the nineties with the help of her son Oliver Knight for the 1996 masterpiece "Once in a Blue Moon" (which I uploaded some time ago here) and the 1999 "A Bed of Roses".
Lal Waterson passed away in 1998. 10 years later BBC broadcasted this tribute featuring many members of her family and band (Eliza Carthy, Martin Carthy, Norma, Mike) and fans among her colleagues (James Yorkston, Kathryn Williams). This is the recording of that night's tribute concert, but for those who want to know something more about Lal's life and work I invite you to go download the BBC 4 documentary @ the mudcat board (scroll down the page searching for the word "mediafire" and you'll find it).
By the way, I love James Yorkston's try at At first she starts.

This is a video from the tribute night with Lal's daughter Maria Gilhooley singing Fine horsemen:

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Pink Floyd: Cruel But Fair

Hard to believe it, but I think this is probably my first Floyd post here and, as far as intentions go, I guess it won't be the last. In a few words: "Cruel But Fair" is simply one of the best Pink Floyd bootlegs ever made, and more so because it is taken from a very interesting period in their career (to me at last), i.e. when Roger Waters & co, during the 1975 "Wish You Were Here" tour, started testing new songs from what was to become the "Animals" album. I know: "Animals" is not a fan favourite, but it is (still) definetely one of my favourites.
So, the very first two songs on this 2-discs boot are what were to be named Sheep and Dogs respectively, while the rest is from the WYWH album and the second disc is the whole "Dark Side of The Moon" plus Echoes (from "Meddle"). One important detail: the Have a Cigar appearing here is not taken (entirely) from the April 26th 1975 gig in Los Angeles, like the rest of the tracklist, but from the Boston show of the same year, due to some problems with the original tape.
Anyway, this here is a great show, the performance in many of the songs is amazing and the overall sound is, by large, one of the best amongst all PF boots (more so if you consider they're all -up to the 1977 tour- audience recordings), so if you enjoy the band you'll sure love this one.

...and maybe next time I'll do a whole "Animals" gig.

Next Post: Lal Waterson

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Richard Thompson: Dream Attic Acoustic Demos

I haven't been posting anything in a very long time, but I mean to get back to give you more music (and so please leave comments if you want any old d/l likn reposted), starting now with these Acoustic Demos from Richard Thompson's new album "Dream Attic". Two reasons why I've decided to post this: I love Thompson's music (that's one, and it's an obvious one), and (the second one is) I think the demos are maybe even better the electric album itself. It may be because it is also a live recording, I don't know, but except for some tracks (i.e. the magnificent Crimescene: go check that on the original "Dream Attic"), I find it a bit laid back, too controlled.
Although there are, indeed (and as always), many great guitar licks and solos, as you will see by listening to this youtube video:

Anyway, if you like RT's stuff I urge you to go buy the "Dream Attic Deluxe Edition" (which includes this demos (@ Amazon.uk or @ RT's website).
In the meantime get this: