Friday, August 17, 2007

Bjork: S/t (1977)

I'm going through a Bjork renaissance, and re-discovering Volta (I didn't find it so appealing nor interesting the first time around), and it is merely by chance that I have found some (very) old stuff from her discography, like this 1977 LP she recorded when she wasn't 12 yet: a true gem if you consider that it has been edited and released only in Iceland (and I don't think there are many recent re-issues).
It is obvious that this Bjork cannot be compared to the later genious, the ever new saviour of modern pop music, yet it is funny to listen to the indian extravaganza in the intro of the first song, or to the cover versions of the Beatles' Fool on the hill and Stevie Wonder's Your kiss is sweet.
Plus, there's cover of the LP, that baby Bjork meets George Harrison meets whatever you may considered camp.

PS Click the option "Keep broken files" before unpacking it.


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Anonymous said...

please could you re upload cd's 1 and 2 of bjork's family tree set.

thanks in advance