Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Triffids: In The Pines (Reissue)

Some months ago I posted this same album, I know, but now on my hands I have the brand new reissue, a beautiful one, with several bonus tracks, so I've decided to upload this one too. But in case you do not them I guarantee you that the Triffids were one of the best bands (some could call them a post punk band, and yeah, they'd be quite right, except that the triffids had a violin and a pedal steel guitar among their instruments, which wasn't very common at the time) of the eighties, and they shared the stage with one of my fave bands, the Go-Betweens; in fact they were fellow aussies. "In the pines" was their third LP, released shortly after their peak, the masterpiece "Born Sandy devotianal", and unlike that one In the pines is laid back, somehow quieter, but always mesmeric.

Listen to the waltz of In the pines (but with a melody à la Leadbelly), or to Born Sandy Devotional (curiously both carry the name of an album but Born...should have been on their previous one but didn't make it), or to Kathy Knows. They should be enogh to convince you. And in case you need more go see the great post written here, where you can also download some glorious bootleg tapes (go ahead! Do it!)
In the pines


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Thanks for this. I've been going thru a Triffids nostalgia trip lately. I don't suppose you've got the 2007 remastered versions of 'Calenture'and'Born Sandy Devotional'?
If you're interested, an OZ blogspot - - has got some early singles and other rare Triffids stuff.
Thanks again.

Genkboy said...

Hey, I posted some live tracks on my blog :

Anonymous said...

Multi thanks. Is mucho nice, loes you much, my amigo. Also for all nuggets, you do good work. Sorry for my crapy spaansos!

L said...

I have heard great things about this band - Can't wait to listen to these! Thanks. Great blog - I'm just exploring your back pages now. LD