Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Go-Betweens: Forum Theatre, Melbourne, 15 July 2005

I have finally uploaded a new Go-Betweens' boot, as you can see, and also a double one: it is an audience recording, but a very good one, of their last tour (wheareas the picture is from some Tokyo concert of 2003, but i liked it), and is valid alternative to re-listeing again and again to the "Striped sunlight" CD/DVD (the tracklists are much alike, though this one's is longer).
As always I hope you'll enjoy it, and I promise I'll be back soon with more GB's boots, but probably with older stuff from the 80's. Only later some other posts (but I don't know wether it is going to be some krautrock, something else of my usual stuff (Paisley?) or something new, for a change...I'll see).


1. Black Mule
2. Clouds
3. He Lives My Life
4. Boundary Rider
5. Born To A Family
6. Magic In Here
7. Streets Of Your Town
8. Make Her Day
9. Here Comes A City
10. Draining The Pool For You
11. Finding You
12. Darlinghurst Nights
13. This Night's For You
14. Spring Rain
15. Was There Anything I Could Do?
16. Surfing Magazines

Part 2

1. encore 1
2. The Devil's Eye
3. Too Much Of One Thing
4. Cattle And Cane
5. encore 2
6. Baby Stones
7. The Clock
8. encore 3
9. People Say
10. Love Goes On

Melbourne 2005 Part 1

Melbourne 2005 Part 2

Monday, February 18, 2008

Robert Forster's new song

It's called "Let your light in, babe", originally written by McLennan (see Robert's interview here), and it's the A-side of his new single. The song I ripped it and got it from some Boa note blog (which I thank once more) and it's a typically McLennan's 4 chords type of song. And the more I listen to it the more I like it. Also, I 'm getting addicted to the backing vocals' part (Adele Pickvance? I'd say so).

PS Check out Robert Forster's new site. By now there's nothing on but it's nice to see he has one.
PPS I'm not the sure whether the picture is the forthcoming "The Evangelist" 's cover or not yet.

Plus: More bootlegs of the GB's? See Nargo for the Berlin 2005 boot, and That Striped Sunlight for a highly significant 1979 4ZZZ radio concert (specially on a historical basis).

Let Your Light In, Babe

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Harmonia: Live 1974

Harmonia are some kind of krautrock super-group (they are Roedelius and Mobius from Cluster + Rother from Neu!) but they have have composed only 2 LP's in the 70's (the beutiful and mesmerizing "Musik Von Harmonia" and "Harmonia Deluxe"), plus a 1997 collaboration with Brian Eno (long time musical partner of Roedelius and Mobius with Cluster), and have de facto been some of the inventors of Trance and (surely with Brian Eno) Ambient music. Nevertheless their music never gets to be boring, and instead Harmonia are, much surpinsingly (or at least for those who, like me, don't appreciate that genre so much), creators of some of the most imaginative and hypnotic pieces of music ever made. Rother's liquid guitars and the two Cluster's gentle electronic sounds are a perfect match, a magic land of kosmische rock where songs never really end but fade into one another instead, as often happens in this "Harmonia Live 1974", the recording of a concert at the Penny Station Club (a former railway station) in Grissem, in which no audience is heard applauding, talking or whatever (Rother said that they were either too stoned or they simply couldn't tell where songs ended, in fact), and Harmonia's tracks are free to float in space (and never music was intended to be more spacial than this, I'd say).
I'm obviously thrilled by this album, and I really hope you'll like it too.

Next: Some Go-Betweens' stuff. Definitely.

Harmonia Live 1974 (Fastupload Link)
Harmonia Live 1974 (Badongo Link)

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ringo Starr: Liverpool 8 Video

Not bad this young lad, uh?
By the way, I listened to this song for the first time only a couple of hours ago and it's been going around my head ever since, so I can assume it means that it works for me. Still don't know about the rest of the new -same title- album.