Friday, May 18, 2007

Crimen sollicitationis

I know this blog is supposed to talk about music but I bumped into this video yesterday and I was shocked. It is an episode of a BBC program called Panorama, from 2006, and it shows how Roman Church has covered up all the child abuse crimes committed by catholic priests.
So what is Crimen sollicitationis? It is a secret document issued by the Holy Office that imposes secrecy (concerning sex crimes) even upon victims of sexual abuse. In a few words: priests who are known by hierarchies to be pedophiles get transferred and more often than not everything is done in order to avoid legal prosecution. Hence no support for the victims, hence the chance for these child abusers to commit their awful crime again too.
And by the way, Pope Joseph Ratzinger has more than something to be blamed.

You can watch the whole program here.

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