Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jacques Brel: Infiniment Vol. 2

And here is the second volume of the JACQUES BREL's compilation.
In it there are some of my favourite BREL's songs, as "Amsterdam", and "La chanson des vieux amants".

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Jacques Brel: Infiniment

JACQUES BREL is probably the most famous french (well, actually he was belgian...) songwriter, mosttly known for songs as "Ne me quitte pas" or "Amsterdam", this one also frequently covered by DAVID BOWIE. His discography is by the way a bit of a mess, so I have uploaded a nice compilation of his, called "Infiniment".
If you speak a little french I suggest you to try and read his lyrics, because they are very well written and often witty and.
Info on BREL on Wiki:
JACQUES BREL's lyrics:

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Buffy: Ultimate Soundtrack Vol. 1

Here is something for all BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER fans: a (non-official) compilation with many songs featured in the 7 seasons of the famous TV series.
This is also my hommage to a series I have loved so much (meaning: I know there is some crappy stuff in it as well, but still, it reminds you of one of the best TV products ever made and, more important, some good times spent watching it).
Today I have posted the first volume, I am going to post the second in the the next days.
More INFO on Buffy:
Joss Whedon (Buffy's creator) site:
Essays and studies on Buffy:
01 nerf herder - buffy the vampire slayer theme
02 four star mary - pain
03 sarah mclachlan - full of grace
04 superfine - already met you
05 rilo kiley - pictures of success
06 azure ray - displaced
07 velvet chain - strong
08 the murder city devils - boom swagger boom
09 bif naked - lucky
10 jonatha brooke - inconsolable
11 summercamp - play it by ear
12 alison krauss - that kind of love
13 devics - key
14 lisa loeb - how
15 splendid - charge
16 mint royale - rock & roll bar
17 the halo friendlies - run away
18 sophie zelmani - i´ll remember you

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sondre Lerche: Live 2003

Here is one of my favourite artists of these last years: SONDRE LERCHE is a norwegian pop singur, whose songs are a mellow mix between Burt Bacharach and Brian Wilson and norwegian pop, plus a lovely guitar style modelled on jazzy chords. His second LP "Two way monologue" is a little masterpiece (alas, he has just released a not-so-good new album with jazz standards and such, kind of a disappointment for a so talented musician. There is really no need a for male version of Norah Jones...).
So, today I have uploaded a gig he did in L.A. in 2003 after his first CD ("Faces down"), where you can listen to how he can be so good even also with his electric guitar only.
Official website:

Info on wiki (but not recently updated):


Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Today I will only point you towards a great site, that is
Here you can find tons of stuff, from a huge live archive:
to experimental/classical music:
and public domain and open surce movies as well (from Buster Keaton to Roger Corman):
I have just downloaded today two great gigs from it, one is a ROBYN HITCHCOCK one, from a radio broadcast of the last year, whose sound is simply perfect (, and a 1987 DREAM SYNDICATE one, which obviously does not sound that well, but it is always a good feeling to listen to some live stuff ex Wynn's band (

Monday, March 06, 2006

Tribute to Velvet Underground

A little surprise for many VELVET UNDERGROUND fans: a whole tribute to V.U. (and to LOU REED) for free (and legal), both at 192 and 320 k (zipped or by single tracks), made by several new indie italian bands (there's also a fine version made by JULIE'S HAIRCUT of "I'm sticking with you"). Give it a try.
Only one suggestion: download the bonus tracks as well, they are indeed really good.

Julie's Haircut

JULIE'S HAIRCUT are one of my favourite bands of the moment: I saw them "grow up"in these years and I think their last effort, "After dark, my sweet", is a hell of an album, incredibly dense.
But now some more info about them: JULIE'S HAIRCUT are an italian indie-rock band, born in 1994 circa, whose beginnings were in the 60's garage rock tradition with big melodic hooks and big guitar licks, but then slowly moved towards a music style more similar to early 70's Pink Floyd (Ummagamma live-Live at Pompeii-like) and to the so-called Post-rock, although the spirit of garage (and 70's and 80's punk) is still present: "After dark, my sweet" is mainly composed of free-form songs, but, still, no solos and such.
But then, believe me, if you have the chance to see them live...go! They are just awesome (I happened to see them a ouple of weeks ago).
For more INFO see their official website, where you can download some stuff for free and buy any of their 4 albums. I do recommend their last two. See:

And today's download is a bunch of songs I have picked from all their CDs, so go check them and enjoy: