Saturday, May 31, 2008

Good old Moz

"There's so much distruction all over the world and all you can do is complain about me"

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Younger Son: Beagle

Check out this new italian band. If you like'em and feel like leaving some comments you're welcome (they're buddies of mine). Plus, if you want to know more about them and have some free downloads go visit their site (my faves are Baby Child and Keep me warm in E minor, by the way).

E in italiano:
Per chi ne avesse voglia provate ad ascoltare questa band emergente (da Verona). Potete lasciare commenti qui naturalmente (sono amici, e glieli giro in automatico, ok?). Inoltre: se volete saperne di piĆ¹ e ascoltare qualche altra canzone in download gratuito le trovate sul loro sito (le mie preferite, nel caso interessasse, sono Baby Child e Keep me warm in E minor).

The Go-Betweens: Live Lund 10-08-88

And here is another go-betweens' boot after a while. And I'm afraid I'm running out of them. That'll probably mean that I'm going to start re-posting some of the old ones, I suppose. Anyway, talking about here and now: this is a very good radio broadcast of a swedish concert set in Lund in 1988, it has only 7 songs but I've never heard a rendition of Quiet heart so similar to the album version (and very good and warm too, not just a copycat).
Strangely all the songs are sung by McLennan (Your turn my turn too, with quite funny alternative lyrics).


01 Quiet Heart

02 Your Turn, My Turn

03 Streets of Your Town

04 Apology Accepted

05 DJ
06 The Wrong Road
07 Was There Anything I Could Do
08 Right Here

09 DJ

Live Lund 88

Friday, May 16, 2008

Wall Of Voodoo: Call Of The West

I was talking to a friend about this album, and it came to mind that I hadn't posted it yet. Which is something I should be ashamed of. Because Wall Of Voodoo's second LP, "Call Of The West"is one of the most original new wave records ever. I mean: there were not many bands that felt like playing country 'n' western music with synths. It is something that the mind can barely accept, actually. Yet it exists. Which is something that has always amazed me about music: you think there is some music, some crossover, that could never ever work, and then some band jumps up, doesn't give a care, and they do it anyway. And you just listen to it and think: "Yeah, why not?".

Check out @ their official site WOV's cover version of Johnny Cash's Walk Of Fire (!), from their 1979 debut EP, free for download.

Or watch this video:

More about @ Wikipedia
More about WOV's singer, Stan Ridgway, @ FoxyTunes

Call Of The West

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight: Once In A Blue Moon

This is step 2 in my mission of digging into british folk(rock)music. After step 1 (Shirley Collins some weeks ago. And that one won't be my only post on her) this is on one of England's most talented songwriters, the late Lal Waterson. She was co-founder of the Watersons (altogether with her siblings Mike and Nora), a band that mostly sang english tradionals acappella.
A couple of months ago I went through some of the Watersons' catalogue (both the bands' and the solos', i.e. Norma's, Mike's, but also Martin Carthy's) but I was soon won by this "Once In A Blue Moon", with some of the best acoustic guitar playing I've ever listened to and with simply a masterful songwriting skill (the initial At first she starts, with that pizzicato that is pure magic, and Cornfield, dramatic and evocative and as close to blues as english folk can get -not close musically speaking: it is a matter of suggestions, of evoked sensations).
But there is so much excellent music in here that citing one single song is maybe a shame. So these two are just the ones that are striking me the most at the moment. I could give you different titles in 5 minutes.
If you want more there's also from her (with Mike) the much acclaimed "Bright Phoebus".
By the way, Oliver Knight is her own son.

If any of you has the "A bed of roses" album please upload it (i can't find it).

More on Lal Waterson @ FoxyTunes

Once In A Blue Moon

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Check Out Grant McLennan @ the Striped Sunlight Sound

Grear post by blogger friend bob @ stripedsunlightsound on various Grant McLennan' radio sessions. Do check it, all you go-betweens' fans.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Julie's Haircut: Sleepwalker

One of my favourite italian bands. If you feel like downloading the song for free click here (where you can also download the video and donate some money if you wish to contribute).

Wanna find out more about Julie's Haircut?