Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bon Iver: Live @ NPR

Bon Iver's "For Emma, Forever Ago" was definetely one of my favourite albums of the last year (it made number 4 in my Best Of 2007 chart from January, oh nevermind my fixation with end of the year charts...), and so I've been looking for quite some time for some bootleg in order to easy the pain of having never been to one of his gigs, and this one (broadcast by NPR in February) covers the whole album traclklist (minus the instrumental Team, and alas minus the great Re:stacks).
For those who don't know Justin Vernon's music (shame on you, first of all) you might want to take a look at his website and at Vernon's performance @ Jools Holland's show down here.


1. Flume
2. Lump Sum
3. Skinny Love
4. The Wolves (Act I and II)
5. Blindsided
6. Creature Fear
7. For Emma

Live @ NPR

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Robert Forster & Grant McLennan: Live Stockholm, Sweden, November 4, 1991

The "Live Stockholm 1991" from the Forster-McLennan duo during their Go-Betweens intermission of the nineties is a nearly copycat version of "Live Copenhagen 1991" I posted last march: almost the same tracklist and same year. Yet it's a joy to listen to it over and over again, as it always is to me with Forster & McLennan playing as an acoustic duo. Moreover this version of Forster's The river people, much slower than in "Copenhagen '91", is particularly moving.


1-Cattle and cane
2-The river people
3-Baby stones
4-Was there anything I could do
6-Easy come, easy go
7-Spring rain
8-Love goes on!

Live Stockholm, Sweden, November 4, 1991

Monday, August 04, 2008

Grant McLennan: Radio Shows

It's been a while since my last go-betweens-oriented post, and so I checked my archives, looked for some stuff I haven't uploaded yet and came up with McLennan's radio shows from the '90s. Then I remembered most of it had already been uploaded by "That Striped Sunlight Sound", so just go there to find the rest of the stuff...here I've added 3 more songs from some radio broadcast dating 30 08 1994.


- don't you cry for me no more
- simone and perry
- one plus one

Radio Shows