Thursday, August 24, 2006

Robert Forster: "Drop" CD single + Radio showcase

And here is something for the GO-BETWEENS fans: Robert Forster's "Drop" CD single, plus a radio showcase with also two songs from his GB days ("Rock 'n' roll friend", and the marvellous "When she sang about angels").
By the way, you like the picture? I hope you do, it comes from the "16 Lovers Lane"period, when he had dyed his hair silver... (I have taken it out of David Nichols' biopic on the Go-Betweens: take a look at Amazon if you are interest, it is a quite good bok).

Robert Forster

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Galaxie 500: Demo tape

GALAXIE 500 were Dean Wareham, Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang, one of the most talented indierock bands of their time (late 80's), and probably one of the best ever. They unfortunately released only three LP's before splitting, but year after year we discover more recondings of theirs (like the "Uncollected" album, the "Peel session", and the "Copenhagen" live). This is one more GALAXIE 500 fans should be delighted of: 7 tracks from early demo tapes, four of which do not appear in the "Uncollected" G.500 compilation.

Here is the tracklist:

1-Walking song
2-The other side
3-On the floor
6-Open road
7-We...all right

If you do not know much about GALAXIE 500 go visit their myspace site to listen to them, or get to their website, which is full of lyrics, tabs, and such.

Demo tape

Friday, August 18, 2006

Re-upload for The Triffids

I have uploaded again the Triffids album since it was dead.
Just click on "In the pines" in the previous post (I have changed the link).

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Triffids: In the pines

THE TRIFFIDS were an australian rock band active in the eighties: they sound like something between late-Byrds and english-american post punk bands. This beautiful LP, "In the pines" is one of their best efforts (together with the previous "Bord Sandy devotional" probably), having it all of their influnces, well-balanced, in it. For instance: the country music of "Once again", but also the perfect pop of the title track (it reminds of the poppiest STRANGLERS songs), while "Suntrapper" is a great stop-and-go new wave thing, "Kathy knows" might sound like early CURE stuff, and "Better off this way" is the closest a band grown in the punk scene can get to write a crooner kind of song.
Plus you will find also a bunch of interesting bonus tracks along with the original tracklist.

For more info see this well-done fansite and wiki (also, on their official site there's this wonderful page with lots of downloads of rairities.

In the pines

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Beatles: White album (one-disc only)

This is a bit of a game I played: I asked myself "What if the Beatles had made one disc out of all the music they put on tapes for the so-called "White album" instead oa double LP? (I think George Martin would have appreciated a more concise work)
And I know this could seem a bit pretentious and all, but I tried nonetheless to compile a one-disc version that might sound fine (and, at the same time, I tried not to leave all the McCartney songs out...which is a bit of a hard work. I have always thought this was one of his worst period as a writer. He did much better sooner -"Pepper"- and after -"Let it be").
This is the result. Don't take it too seriously (otherwise you would probably want to chop my head for putting also an Anthology-version track in it...), it was just fun (at least it was for me compiling it).
I won't tell you the tracklist (it would take half the fun out).

White album

4 Beatles fans

Here is a great link for all BEATLES fans: on Beatspace you can find lots and lots of their stuff (incluiding 17 discs of "Get back sessions"...highly recommended!).