Friday, December 16, 2005

Richard and Linda Thompson: Shoot out the lights

RICHARD THOMPSON was Fairport Convention's talented guitarist (some say he is Britain's best electric guitarist...of course there are also some peole like, say, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend...), and when he left his band he emarked in a solo career. But not really solo. With his wife actually. Linda.
Together they made some beautiful LP's: playing still -as with Fairport- music with its roots in the british folk tradition, as anyone can see from listening -mostly- on such albums as I want to see the bright lights tonight.
But now the lights that once were bright are at once out: Richard and Linda divorced and this is their divorce. Not quite the narration of it (well, sometimes it gets quite near to that), but more like its painting: listen to some of the songs beautifully sung by Linda, Walking on a wire or Did she jump or was she pushed, and you can sense perfectly their tension, their fears.
Here you can find (with the whole album) also the bonus track Living in luxury not avaible on the recent re-edition on CD:

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