Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Grant Hart (Ex-Husker Du)- Intolerance

(Sorry about my english)

Intolerance is GRANT HART's first solo effort after Husker Du, and (as usual) he followed his 60's inspiration in writing this collection of songs. It sounds kind of stange to to think that only a few years before Bob Mould, Husker Du's leader somehow, were Huskers' only writer. In fact it didn't take much longer before Mould's rough artistic vision collided with Hart's melodic and poppy tunes. But in 1989 those fights were past and Hart's LP is well worth the listen. Sure, it is not Warehouse (Huskers' power pop masterpiece), neither Zen Arcade (their punk masterpiece), but all of these songs, with Hart mainly concentrated -oddily- on keyboard and organ, sound still fresh and weird, like some heritage from another era, not from 1989, but neither from 1967, probably only from some place in Hart's mind where he could feel finally at ease, singing his killer refrains and his naive verse-chorus-and-nothing-else stuff. Apart from all of these considerations Twenty-five-forty-one and Now that you know me are some of his best tunes. Give'em a try.


Jeffrey Paggi said...

Your english is not all that bad. "Neither" should be "nor" or "or" (they mean the same thing in this case). "he followed his 60's..." is a kind of clumsy sentence. Say it differently: "His 60's influences are clear on this collection of songs..." or something to that effect.

Trim up your comma usage, and clarify your sentence structure a little bit. Overall, excellent (english) writing.

mikeofdoom said...

Never mind! I found it on another site. p/w = eldorado

doooder said...

Hi...great blog...I am a big Go-Betweens fan but was excited to see Grant Hart. I have this cd somewhere or I had it...can you upload it again please?

Now, I need to go buy Intolerance...I never knew a "best of" was done of the solo careers of McLennan/Forster.

Thanks again.


timotimor said...

This link is dead.

Anonymous said...

Please, repost?!

Thank you!!!