Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Beatles: Alternate Abbey Road

Yes! An alternate "Abbey Road"! I.e. a lot of alternative takes, demos, some jams, an early version of Harrison's "All things must pass"...

1-Come together (take 1)
2-Something (take 37)
3-Maxwell's silver hammer (early version)
4-Oh! Darling (early version)
5-Octopus's garden (take 32)
6-I want you (she's so heavy) (experimental take)
7-Here comes the sun (mono mix)
8-Because (take 16)
9-You never give me your money (alternate take)
10-Sun king (early mix)
11-Mean mister mustard (mono mix)
12-Polythene pam (mono mix)
13-She came into the bathroo window (alternate take)
14-Golden slumbers (early take)
15-Carry that weight (early take)
16-The end (early instrumental mix)
17-Her majesty (take 3)
18-Maxwell's silver hammer (alternate take)
19-Octupus's garden (take 2)
20-Come and get it (demo)
21-Ain't she sweet (jam)
22-Somethng (demo)
23-Old brown shoe (demo)
24-All things must pass (demo)
25-The end (take 7)


Anonymous said...


"File /files/9711176/ has been deleted.
Reason: THIS FILE IS FORBIDDEN TO BE SHARED! Complaints received."

Any chance of a repost? Thanks.

John O'Day said...

yeah, i'd love to hear this too.

Anonymous said...

any chance of getting a repost? i dearly desire the i want you?

Harrison said...

if you could please send me the "i want you (she's so heavy)" experimental take i would be very very grateful. i can't find it anywhere. email me at

harrisondole said...

if you could please send me an audio file of i want you she's so heavy i would be very grateful. i can't find it anywhere. please email me at