Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Lullatone: Little songs about raindrops (Japanese electronic music)

You may not be fond of elecronic music in general, and neither know a thing about japanese music, but check this one out: LULLATONE are a duo, playing with electronic, glockenspiels and such stuff, and what they get is a very smooth music, something that you can listen to at night, just before going to bed. If you are familiar with Four tet's work, they are not very far from that: it's an organic sound, where you can't tell the electronics from the played instrument, and -unlike Four Tet- this album is also full of music box-like tracks and sweet lullabies (hence their name).
PS Tell me in the comments if you are interested in more of such japanese music.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I dig it man. Keep it coming. Check out RainStick Orchestra...Nice Stuff!

Anonymous said...

Been to their website - - where two videos are to be seen: lovely little ditties.

More, please, more!


telcos said...

I love it! Thanks!