Thursday, December 22, 2005

Joe Strummer & a Clash bootleg

JOE STRUMMER died three years ago. I remember perfetly how odd it seemed to me. And how it all looked like shit those days: the new year was just about to come but I already new it would suck after this.
So, it's still hard to talk about him: his music entered my life in a way many more other artists' music didn't. It made me feel fine. It made me angry and energized and happy to be alive.
I remember that when one of my teachers asked me who my favourite guitarist is (back when I was...15, or 16, I think), I yelled: "Joe Strummer!" without any doubt. Okay, okay, Joe won't be rememberd for his skills as guitarist, I now am very well aware of that, but you don't give a damn about it when you're a teenager. Or, at least, I didn't. Yeah, that way, it was all much esier, much more black-or-white, therefore I was pretty glad to have something like THE CLASH's songs to hold on to, and I couldn't care less if Strummer could not go beyond his "strumming" skills. It was all about impact. And he had a lot of that.
So here is my tribute to his memory, one of the best bootlegs of The Clash I've ever heard, live in Jamaica in 1982:
2-London Caling
3-Police on my back
4-Guns of Brixton
5-Magnificent seven
6-Armagideon time
7-Magnificent seven (reprise)
8-Junco Partner
9-Spanish bombs
10-One more time
11-Train in vain
13-This is radio clash
15-Should I stay or should I go
16-Rock the casbah
17-Straight to hell
And if you want to know more about Strummer here is the link about him on Wikipedia:


Anonymous said...


I found your site through a random link and have been a Joe Strummer fan and Clash fan for 26 years since I bought London Calling. The Clash have a similar place in my life as sort of an old best friend if that makes any sence. I had forgotten this anaversary and appreciate your tribute to Joe.


Anonymous said...


Ricardo - Brasil

AW said...

Day after day, great posts.
Own the Thompson one, but the Dylan outtakes and Clash live are new to me. Will give the others a listen, too. Much appreciated. Thanks.

jack said...

I'm a long time Clash fan and always loved Joe Strummer as the perfect "front-man" of the band. I have been jamming to my Clash tunes tonight and need more to listen to! Thanks for the site.