Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Radiohead: On a friday

Before choosing the name RADIOHEAD (after a TALKING HEADS song from "True stories" the band was called On A Friday -because they used to rehearse on fridays). These demos -circa 1991- were recorded before they changed their name and before they signed to EMI.
It is a very bizzare collection of songs by the way: it starts with classic rock songs (the Pablo Honey kind of thing), but it goes on with trip-hop and dance-influenced tracks (see "The new generation", or "Something to hate" where Yorke sounds like...Tricky!) with loops, drum machines and such.
Click on the single track to know more about it (it's a link to Radiohead At Ease Website).



barrett75 said...

hi,first bravo for this breat blog with nice music (radiohead,mazzy star...) i just would like to know why this post does not work,can't get it? the link is dead?
will post it again oneday?

Anonymous said...

would you re up this amazing demo tape please?