Wednesday, January 25, 2006

CAN: DVD audio CD

CAN are probably the most famous german band in the world (after KRAFTWERK), and one of the best from the so-called Krautrock, i.e. the german "underground" rock of the 70's.
They (Irmin Schmidt, Holger Czukay, Michael Karoli, and Jaki Liebezeit) formed in 1968, with american singer Malcom Mooney, who left after a couple of years, and then Damo Suzuky -a japanese kind of beatnik- joined in in his stead.
Their unique sound was shaped by always trying (as you can see on their DVD) to de-humanise their music, to avoid any connections with everything but music. Improvisation and post-production (whole albums were assembled putting together different improvisations, like the second half of "Tago Mago" shows) and so their concerts were mostly about improvisation too, an improvisation without any reference to a tune or whatsoever. They were only interested in rhythm. In fact if you listen to Tago Mago (1971), often considered their masterpiece, you'll see that some tracks seem to sound like drum 'n' bass.
They were always ahead of their time: electronics, ambient, progressive and psychedlic rock, avantgarde classical music, world music...they all sooner or later became ingredients of their recipe. A lot of nowadays post rockers (first of all TORTOISE) surely learned a lot from CAN.
About 2 years ago CAN released a magnificent DVD (, with a documentary, a concert, and lots more of interesting stuff. Now it has been re-released, but without the audio CD that contained several tracks from the band members' solo careers. So, I'm going to do a big favour to those of you who want to buy the DVD (wich IS worth the money), but cannot have the audio CD anymore, by posting it here.
And this is the TRACKLIST:
-Irmin Schmidt & Kumo:
1 Goatfooted Balloonman 6:10
2 Fledermenschen (Live) 6:29
3 Las Plumas del Búho 8:14
-Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman:
4 Rhein Rauf 6:27
-Jaki Liebezeit & Drums Off:
5 Chaos On a Can 4:29
6 Velociraptor (Live) 5:33
-Holger Czukay & U-She:
7 Solitary Life (Live) 2:43
8 Time and Tide (Live) 4:04
9 Cruise (Live) 3:57
10 Sunday Morning (Live) 3:59
-Michael Karoli & Sofortkontakt!:
11 Lumpy Todda (Live) 4:09
12 Pounding Venus (Live) 5:19
13 Research Has Shown... (Live) 6:02


Anonymous said...

Great post, michele.

grazie et bona sera

herr k.

Mirco said...

Ciao Michele, bella idea rendere di nuovo disponibile questo CD..,

A presto ;)

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