Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Radiohead: Acoustic

Here comes a nice collection of acoustic performances from the Radiohead: lights on the very rare voice and acoustic guitar only "Motion Picture Soundtrack"(and whey they make fun of Oasis' "Wonderwall")
I'd say that mostly are from The Bends-OK Computer period.
  1. killer cars
  2. wonderwall
  3. blow out
  4. street spirit
  5. lucky
  6. high and dry
  7. motion picture soundtrack
  8. fake plastic trees
  9. black star
  10. street spirit
  11. subterranean homesick alien
  12. thinking about you
  13. creep
  14. just
  15. lozenge of love
  16. bulletproof
  17. killer cars
  18. banana co.
  19. yes I am
  20. airbag
  21. fake plastic trees

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