Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lost Lennon Tapes

On the web it is possible to find several "lost Lennon tapes" and here are some.
Mostly are primitive acoustic versions (or exerpts) of songs for his solo career (but there is also a "He said he said" which is the acoustic mother of THE BEATLES' "Sha said she said") and beautiful sung piano-and-voice-only "Free as a bird" and "Real love", later re-arranged by the other Beatles for "The Beatles anthology".
And don't worry: soon you'll have more Lost Lennon Tapes soon!

1-Cathy's clown
2-Don't be crazy
3-Don't let me down
5-Free as a bird
6-Happiness is a warm gun
7-He said he said
9-Honky tonk blues
10-Howling at the moon
11-I'll make you happy
12-I'm crazy
13-Interviews ("More popular than Jesus...")
14-My sweet lord
15-Rave on
16-Real love
17-Strwberry fields forever
18-Tell me what I say
19-The best things in life are free
20-Walls and bridges interview
21-You send me


1 comment:

Andy said...

Heard about these, but never had access to them. Great post. Yoko's sanitization/cannonization sucks - an avant garde artiste turning against the dirty truth like a corporate. "I know what it's like to be dead." Yes he did. "Don't let me down." This sounds like the difficult needy idealistic egotistic bastard that he was. Looking forward to more Lost Lennon.
Thanks again.