Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Go-Betweens: Botany sessions

At last I upload one of my favourite bands: THE GO-BETWEENS. Australian born, but with a very british pop appeal: they split in 1989 after their beautiful "16 Lovers lane", only to reunite 11 years later, and by now they've recorded three more albums.
So, what you could find here is a bit of a gem for fans : the so-called "Botany sessions", i.e. the sessions for what had to be the following to "16 Lovers Lane" but never was.
The first (and longer) part is acoustic, with the only Forster and McLennan.
For more info (and some video too):

CD.1 duo session
1. Danger In The Past
2. Easy Comes Easy Goes
3. Broadway Bride
4. I Love You Still
5. What You Call Change
6. Open Invitation
7. Dream About Tomorrow
8. I've Been Looking For Somebody (cut)
9. Haunted House
10. Sally's Revolution
11. Just Get That Straight
12. Running The Risk Of Loosing You
13. It Had To Be Me
14. Signs Of Life
15. Nowhere By Any Other Name
16. The Man Who Dies In Rapture
17. House Of Snakes
18. Danger In The Past
19. The River People
20. I've Been Looking For Somebody
CD.2 band session
21. Drop
22. Making
It Right For Her
23. Just Get That Straight
24. She's So Strange
25. I Know What Its Like Without You
26. Stones For You
27. When Word Gets Around


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Andy said...

Thanks a lot for that!

Anonymous said...

i'm late to the party ..
any chance of a 2nd upload?

john said...

Just recently found your blog and like it very much--you post some great stuff. I am a huge Go-Betweens fan as well and would be highly appreciative of a 2nd upload of this. I'm dying to hear it. Thank you!!!

JaxR said...

I can only second anonymous and john! Could you please repost these sessions that sound so fabulous? Thanks!!

Western Sky said...

It's such a treat to hear acoustic versions of these songs. Thankyou! I always though Grant's solo work to be too overproduced. I was lucky to see The Go-Betweens on the Tallulah tour. They are a hidden treasure. There are so many beautiful songs they gave us. When Grant died, I played "bye bye pride", wiped the tears from my eyes and thought what a shame more people have not heard this. It's like a long lost Mamas and Papas tune. Brilliant!!

Penningtron said...

Hey I found this on Google. I have some of the Botany Session but I've a few gaps to fill. Please repost this at some point!

blureu said...

Any chance that you can re-up this please?