Thursday, September 18, 2008

Grant McLennan: Live Sydney, AUS (10-06-91)

As promised I've uploaded a Grant McLennan solo bootleg, an audience recording of an acoustic performace @ Rose, Shamlock and Thistle in Sydney back in 1991. The audio quality, being taped by some fan in the audience, has obivios flaws, yet listening to McLennan playing basic guitar-and-guitar or guitar-and-bass is always worth it (I must have already mentioned how I found hard to like certain of his live electric arrengements). Btw McLennan is supposed to be accompanied here by Phil Kakulas on stand-up bass.
But don't worry, there'll be one more boot of Grant's solo material a-comin', just be patient: I'll post some non-go-betweens stuff before (but also some great -great!- gbs' bootlegs I've just got my hands on...).

One more call to Go-Betweens' fans out there: do you have any person pictures of the band (from the 80's, 90' or present days)? I start having troubles finding the right photo for the right bootleg (i.e. the picture being more or less of the same period as the recording), so any help is appreciated. If you will just upload it and give me the link or let me know through the comments.
Thank you in advance.

01. Head Over Heels (cuts in)
02. Easy Come Easy Go
03. Stones For You
04. Black Mule
05. Making It Right For Her
06. Right Here
07. Bound To Fall
08. Sally's Revolution
09. Just Get That Straight (cuts out right at end)


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Fantastic stuff misha, thanks heaps
from the other blog that likes the go-betweens a quite a bit.
Grant and robert boots are so hard to find so this is a wonderful treat.
ciao bob

akm. said...

please! could you repost lullatone's albuns? i can't find it anywhere else, and the rapidshare links are broken...

Matthias said...

Mish - thanks so much. you continually nourish me with a steady diet of Gobees' brilliance!

Roger said...

Wow - I was at this gig, I'm pretty sure. Strangely, Grant was supporting Robert Forster on Robert's first Aust appearance since the split. So it was a pretty strange vibe. It was also in the middle of the day. Great performances nevertheless. Around this time Grant played pretty much this set at the Livid Festival at Harold Park with Phil Kakulas on upright bass. SBS broadcast it soon afterwards.
Great blog BTW and thanks of course for this amazing post.

duckdogtwo said...


This is my tape. It was at the 3 Weeds in Rozelle supporting Dave Graney. Just Grant and Phil Kakulas on stand-up bass.