Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Robert Forster September 15, 2008 Joe’s Pub

As stated also by our friend Bob @ That Striped Sunlight Sound NYCTaper had uploaded the last Robert Forster's gig in New York City, a marvelous soundboard recording you can go download both @ NYCTaper (a bit slow though) or @ Striped Sunlight (via rapidshare).
For those interested in lossless FLAC files (the quality is so good it's good considering burning this into CD) you can also go download them file by file by asking NYCTaper for the direct link.

Next: a Grant McLennan boot.


nyctaper said...

Please remove the direct link.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Misha its a great recording,one of the best Ive heard and they are a superb band, I was asked to kill the RP link, so its gone.
I can't wait for the grand boot.
ciao bob