Friday, October 03, 2008

(Re-Up) Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight: Once In A Blue Moon

...and this is what I wrote when I firs posted it:

This is step 2 in my mission of digging into british folk(rock)music. After step 1 (Shirley Collins some weeks ago. And that one won't be my only post on her) this is on one of England's most talented songwriters, the late Lal Waterson. She was co-founder of the Watersons (altogether with her siblings Mike and Nora), a band that mostly sang english tradionals acappella.
A couple of months ago I went through some of the Watersons' catalogue (both the bands' and the solos', i.e. Norma's, Mike's, but also Martin Carthy's) but I was soon won by this "Once In A Blue Moon", with some of the best acoustic guitar playing I've ever listened to and with simply a masterful songwriting skill (the initial At first she starts, with that pizzicato that is pure magic, and Cornfield, dramatic and evocative and as close to blues as english folk can get -not close musically speaking: it is a matter of suggestions, of evoked sensations).
But there is so much excellent music in here that citing one single song is maybe a shame. So these two are just the ones that are striking me the most at the moment. I could give you different titles in 5 minutes.
If you want more there's also from her (with Mike) the much acclaimed "Bright Phoebus".
By the way, Oliver Knight is her own son.

If any of you has the "A bed of roses" album please upload it (i can't find it).

More on Lal Waterson @ FoxyTunes

Once In A Blue Moon


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this record, Misha, and yes, Lal Waterson was a hugely underappretiated songwriter. About a year or maybe even less ago, there was an album issued by the name Migrating bird, which included song by various artists, all written by Lal. It would be awesome if you could share this record too, can't seem to find it anywhere and it's supposed to be a good 'un. Just a thought.


arbor said...

thanks much!!

horace said...

There was also an "Eletric Prom" of her work some three years ago by her family and friends. The bits I have seen on you tube are outstanding. I wasn't in the country at the time , and have been trying to find acopy of it. Is there one out there

misha said...

To Horace: Yes, I remember that and I have it (the date is supposed to be 25/10/07), and I'm going to post it soon, so...stay tuned! And check out also the Migrating Bird tribute album which has some very beautiful rethinking of Lal's repertoire.

anon said...

Mary Waterson and Oliver Knight - The Days That Shaped Me is coming out soon, too. I'm loving the single on their myspace and can't wait for the LP.