Friday, September 12, 2008

Karen Dalton: Green Rocky Road

Some time ago I posted Karen Dalton's wonderful first album, just shortly after I fell madly in love with it; and now, or anyhow in these last months, two albums of live recordings came out, one being the double "Cotton Eyed Joe", and the other one this great "Green Rocky Road" which collects a bunch of songs Dalton herself recorded (overdubbing often presumably either the banjo or the guitar)  at her home (at one point you can hear the phone ringing!).
It is incredible how she almost became the singer that time forgot: hardly anyone has ever sung the blues so well, a blues so streched down, so back to its core that figuring her in the sixties playing this music almost doesn't seem real: where or when does this voice come from? Doesn't it sound like some relic of old New Orleans? Folksters or bluesmen sat on the porch playing some music belonging to everybody as the day gets old.

And here's a video of Dalton performing "Blues Jumped The Rabbit" you can also find in "Cotton Eyed Joe" bonus DVD.


germt said...

Una gran compilaci├│n de Karen Dalton, cuyo 2┬║disco "In My Own Time"(1971)es un 10.Gracias.

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