Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Nuggets Vol.1, Disc 3 & 4



MacMan said...

Is the CD4 file faulty? It starts to unzip but doesn't complete the operation. I have downloaded it twice without luck.

Has anyone else had problems with this?

Thank you!

The Enabler said...

Same for me: I get 25 tracks out of the 30.

The Enabler said...

P.S. A zip of the last five tracks would be cool!

Anonymous said...

Works fine for me - using unrarx for mac. Hey - many thanks for this set, by the way!

Anonymous said...

CD4 worked fine for me.
Probably a meagupload issue.
But anyway, thanks Man. Very Very cool.

blip said...

I couldn't get any of cd4 to unzip. It gets close to the end, but stops early and doesn't create the unzipped file. what are you using? I'm using Stuffit expander 10.0 on an ibook g4

Anonymous said...

bad track 26 on disc 4

Anonymous said...

inflating: Nuggets (disc 4)/26 - the standells - why pick on me.mp3 bad CRC a007fc63 (should be b4a2ca68)

and (in contrast to track 12 on Nuggets II, Disc 3) this time the file is not created. It doesn't stop decompression for me though.

StevenK said...

Even more good stuff! Thanks much!