Friday, May 12, 2006

The Go-Betweens: Cattle and cane video

Here is one more thing to commemorate GRANT MC LENNAN: the videoclip of the beautiful 1983 GO-BETWEENS' single "Cattle and cane" , a song penned by MC LENNAN and which, by the way, was prized by the Australian Performing Right Assosiation as one of the 10 greatest Australian songs of all time.


Alexander said...

thank you this is amazing. how young they were. absolutely lovely that video.

Matthias said...

thank you for posting. I have never seen this video.

i have been listening to thier music constantly for two weeks now and reading the posts of their site. he made some great music.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video (and Wellington '85). Whenever I hear that song it almost brings tears to my eyes. I remember buying Before Hollywood in '83 or '84 & playing it for a friend of mine at college. I knew the album was good, but she pointed out Cattle and Cane, and showed me why this was a masterpiece. I have never forgotten that; it was like an epiphany! Luckily, I saw them at Vega, Cop., 2000. Go-Betweens - the Beatles of Down Under.