Monday, May 01, 2006

Nuggets Vol.1, Disc 1

"Nuggets" is probably the most famous garage rock/psychedelic compilation ever:it is made up of four discs, and I'm going to try to upload it all here in the next days (and maybe also its sequel: "Children of Nuggets"), its timespan is from 1965 to 1968, and it is mostly based on bands (or single artists) that time has forgot, but that back in those fiery days of rock and psychedelia had released some gems, but it includes also some more known ones as 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS or ELECTRIC PRUNES.
(This is the firts CD of the first Volume: the first volume concentrates on the USA and the UK, while the second one on the rest of the world).
For the traklist(s) see one of the links below.
NUGGETS on wiki:
NUGGETS on Amazon:


Anonymous said...

Heck yes to 'Children of Nuggets'! Pretty please!

I can help with the Nuggets Volume 2 box if you don't have it.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for posting this set. volume two would be wonderful as well, if it could be had???

regardless thank you for all the hard work

ed said...


Six said...

I finally got me some Nuggets! I can die happy now. I am complete. ;)

Seriously, thank you so very much!

StevenK said...

Wonderful stuff! Thanks for this!