Wednesday, May 10, 2006

For Grant Mc Lennan

On the 6th Grant Mc Lennan, founder of THE GO-BETWEENS died.
I do not know if I can add soething. But in the GB he wrote some of my favourite songs ever. I caught the news yesterday, and, after reading more about it (it is possible to post something about him, if you will, on the GB' s message board here: I listened and tried to play it myself his "Love goes on" from one of my most loved GB's LPs, "16 Lovers lane", over and over.
Listening, reading his lyrics,and then singing them really moved me: they were so typically of his songwriting, being so tender and bittersweet and still smart.
Here they are:
"There's a cat in the alleyway
Dreaming of birds that are blue
Sometimes girl when I'm lonely
This is how I think about you
There are times that I want you
I want you so much I could bust
I know a thing aboat lovers
Lovers lie down in trust
Love goes on anyway!
Love goes on anyway!
The people next door got their problems
They got things they can't name
I know a thing about lovers
Lovers don't feel any shame
Late at night with the lights down low
The candle burns to the end
I know a thing about darkness
Darkness ain't my friend
Love goes on anyway!
Love goes on anyway!
I'm gonna make you happy
I'm gonna spin you round
I'm gonna cut your strings
I put my foot flat down on the floor
I took it as far as I could
I took it down there to Sheridan Street
by the dark wood
Late at might when I want you
I lock you in my room
I know a thing about darkness
I know a thing about lovers
I know a thing about lovers
Lovers want the moon
Love goes on anyway!
Love goes on anyway!"
Today I have uploaded something for the fans, who probably own mostly all from THE GO-BETWEENS, but may not know much of his solo career, his first solo effort, from 1991, "Watershed".
THE GB's official site:


bulut said...

Good albums I can't wait for listen this stuffs,thanks again for this gentle post.

Dave said...

How can I hear the "Botany St. Sessions"? Im dying to hear these versions!!