Monday, March 06, 2006

Tribute to Velvet Underground

A little surprise for many VELVET UNDERGROUND fans: a whole tribute to V.U. (and to LOU REED) for free (and legal), both at 192 and 320 k (zipped or by single tracks), made by several new indie italian bands (there's also a fine version made by JULIE'S HAIRCUT of "I'm sticking with you"). Give it a try.
Only one suggestion: download the bonus tracks as well, they are indeed really good.


Anonymous said...

Hi michele

thanks for both. the tribute leaves some mixed feelings. i remember the italian joy division cover cd - i like it still today.

greetz herr k.

Mirco said...

Bentornato Michele, grazie per il link ;-)


henry said...

hi michele,

io studiavo italiano in america per un mezzo anno, cosi scusi la mia cattiva grammatica, per favore.

mi piacciono le canzoni tu hai offerto (del velvet underground tribute e molto buono, particolarmente "i'm sticking with you"), ma mi domando se offriresti delle canzoni in italiano?


sorry, i'm killing myself with that. anyway, is it common for italian indie bands to sing in english (like julie's haircut and the bands on that tribute) or are there good indie bands that sing in english? my teacher plays music in class, but it's all that kind of eurovision junk that I can't really get into. i like the VU, Pavement, Nuggets: all the standard indie stuff.


Anonymous said...

sorry, i meant to ask whethere thre are there good indie bands that sing in italian

michelerui79 said...

For Henry:
there are some good italian bands that sing in italian too, but they are not so many...(there's lots of trash and junk in the the italian "musica leggera").
Some names: Afterhours (similar to late Nirvana or Afghan Whigs, Greg Dulli took part in their last CD (see, and then Marlene Kuntz (, similar to Sonic Youth, then..Cristina Donà ( good songwriter (Rober Wyatt once produced her), and then..Verdena (, between indie and Nirvana (still)...

michelerui79 said...

For Henry:
some other names: Marco Parente ( and paolo benvugnù (, who may sound similar to paul duncan or david grubbs).
Or Baustell (, who play an eighties kinda elegant synth pop (the lrycs are funny and intelligent).
Tell me what you think.


Anonymous said...

You forgot the great late BUGO !

Anonymous said...

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CylonDetector2000 said...

Sorry I missed this great post. Will you be re-uploading?

CylonDetector2000 said...

Oops! I guess my previous question should have been: Will anyone be uploading the tribute now that the original download link appears to have expired? I registered at the site and still couldn't find the appropriate link(s).