Monday, March 06, 2006

Julie's Haircut

JULIE'S HAIRCUT are one of my favourite bands of the moment: I saw them "grow up"in these years and I think their last effort, "After dark, my sweet", is a hell of an album, incredibly dense.
But now some more info about them: JULIE'S HAIRCUT are an italian indie-rock band, born in 1994 circa, whose beginnings were in the 60's garage rock tradition with big melodic hooks and big guitar licks, but then slowly moved towards a music style more similar to early 70's Pink Floyd (Ummagamma live-Live at Pompeii-like) and to the so-called Post-rock, although the spirit of garage (and 70's and 80's punk) is still present: "After dark, my sweet" is mainly composed of free-form songs, but, still, no solos and such.
But then, believe me, if you have the chance to see them live...go! They are just awesome (I happened to see them a ouple of weeks ago).
For more INFO see their official website, where you can download some stuff for free and buy any of their 4 albums. I do recommend their last two. See:

And today's download is a bunch of songs I have picked from all their CDs, so go check them and enjoy:

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Anonymous said...

i was trying to download the file of Julie's haircut from megaupload but it's expired, could you kindly re-upload it?
thanks ;)