Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Jacques Brel: Infiniment

JACQUES BREL is probably the most famous french (well, actually he was belgian...) songwriter, mosttly known for songs as "Ne me quitte pas" or "Amsterdam", this one also frequently covered by DAVID BOWIE. His discography is by the way a bit of a mess, so I have uploaded a nice compilation of his, called "Infiniment".
If you speak a little french I suggest you to try and read his lyrics, because they are very well written and often witty and.
Info on BREL on Wiki:
JACQUES BREL's lyrics:


M said...

Thank you!
I would like to email you but can't find your contact area. I have some songs you may like. www.theskydrops.com and www.bullette.net - I appreciate the Brel.

mort said...

Brel! wow love it. U got a friend.

mort said...

- I really wished this were both cd's in the comp. There is supposed to be two, right?

Then again, - far better than nothing at all

RYP said...

thanx for brel!

michelerui79 said...

Don't worry Mort, I'll upload the second as soon as possible!

Anonymous said...

Tank you for Jaques Brel's music. I like French chansons very much. Do you have any songs by Georges Brassens or Georges Moustaki?

michelerui79 said...

No, sorry, I don't.

Anonymous said...

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