Friday, August 05, 2011

Giraffe: There Is No Devil

This is a wonderful album. Released through a netlabel (12rec), "There is no devil" is James Gardner/Giraffe's second album: if you appreciate the likes of Bon Iver or other soft and intense music, this album is for you. Probably Gardner's career is not one for international charts and he is not a well known artist, but still this music deserves real attention: I really fell in love with it. Just start listening to it and you'll soon be in awe by his songcraft. Seriously: listen to the whole album.

And you can buy it here (in any format you like) or download it for free via the internet archive.

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GD said...

I love, love , LOVE this album. It's style and originality speak to me. Thanks for sharing such an amazing experience. I've wasted no time in sharing it with others.