Saturday, May 21, 2011

T.Rex: Rabbit Fighter (The Alternate Slider)

I do have some problems with the 70's and that rock scene: I have never been into prog nor into hard rock, so I have always had problems coping with that decade (in music). That's one of the reasons why I haven't given many chances to Marc Bolan...oh, I know, I was young and foolish. Except that I actually wasn't even that young. Anyway: The Slider has been my point of entry into Bolan's music: funny (as all T. Rex albums should be), but with some great ballads (well, kinda: is Spaceball ricochet a ballad? Still: I love it) and wonderful, really awesome sounds. So, when I decided to post something Bolan-related I thought that Rabbit Fighter (alternate versions to the songs on The Slider) would come handy.
Basically: Rabbit Fighter is a bit more stripped down (and sometimes rougher) than the actual Slider, and it comprises tracks that sound like acoustic demos more than properly arranged songs (Thunderwing, Baby strange, Ballroom Mars, Telegram Sam: nearly a Tyrannosaurus Rex number in this shape) . Plus: Cadillac's demo (which was the b-side of Telegram Sam). And if you love Bolan you gotta listen to this.

Rabbit Fighter

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