Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Go-Betweens: Live in Brisbane 1986

It's been very long since the last time I posted some "new" Gobs' bootleg, and this one really had to be uploaded, being from one of their most interesting periods (their shift from a 4 piece combo to a 5 piece, with Amanda Brown on violin and oboe duty mostly) and sounding simply great.
The tracklist is amazing, with some pearls too: some very good backing vocals by McLennan on Don't let him come back (this could be its best live performance ever, imo), a good rock-sounding Head full of steam, a beautiful (and quite rare) version of Twin layers of lightning, an edgy rendition of That way, and an extra funny People say.
About the recording: this comes from a soundboard, hence the very good quality (there's only a light hiss in the background).
PS Check out these Gob's posters I've found surfing the web.

(Picture taken from the Go-Betweens' Songbook)


1. In The Core Of A Flame
2. Head Full Of Steam
3. Right Here
4. One Thing Can Hold Us
5. Don't Let Him Come Back
6. Bachelor Kisses
7. Twin Layers Of Lightning
8. Bye Bye Pride
9. Five Words
10. That Way
11. The House That Jack Kerouac Built
12. To Reach Me
13. Palm Sunday
14. Spring Rain
15. Apology Accepted
16. Cattle & Cane
17. People Say

Brisbane 1986


Robert Lukins said...

Fantastic! Thanks as always. Do we know a date or venue for this show?


misha said...

No, at least I don't. The gigography says there were three concerts in Brisbane that year: Queensland University, Easts Rugby League Club, and Love Inn. Does anyone know which one is this?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I haven't listened to it yet but it maybe the Easts gig, I was at it and the whole thing was videoed by Rock Arena, a track from that gig was included toward the end of the Brisbane bands rock arena special so there is a good recording of the gig

chuck said...

Easts gig has "wrong road 'round" in brisbane bands doco found here

Love inn doesnt sound right to me... small venue unless a suprise/ unanounced one off warm up thingy.. easts and refectory at uni 1000+ venues when sold out (at a guess, mind u im hopeless at guessing numbers at venues.. maybe someone who knows can pipe in here)...
love inn was small local bands venue whereas other two were typical for international well received indy bands.
best guess the uni from all of that... however i dont remember them playing at uni that year... go figure... more mud than clarity offered from me :))

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I should have checked that before I guessed, I think Chucks right the Refectory is most likely! I dont remember a uni gig ether or the love in. The sound is great on this however!

Leonard said...

I just wanted to say thank you for this exquisite blog and for all the bootlegs you posted over the years!
This is a paradise for Go-Betweens fans!

I recently did a Go-Betweens mixtape, providing a fine blend of B-Sides, rarities and live recordings.
You can find it here if you like:


Love goes on!