Friday, February 26, 2010

The Go-Betweens: Live in Manchester 1987-05-01

I haven't posted a Go-Betweens' boot in a very long time, and it seems kind of right to do t just after the 200000 visits (not that it matters that much, but still...), and so I pulled out one of the not-so-many bootlegs of theirs I havent' uploaded here yet.
This "Live in Manchester" (at the International, in May 1, 1987) is an audience recording (but a good one), and it features what maybe was my favourite line-up of the band, i.e. the one with five members but with Vickers still on bass, plus it has some little gems: one of the seldom live renditions of Don't call me gone, my two favourite GoBes' b-sides (This girl, black girl and When people are dead), and You tell me, a quite weird number from "Tallulah" that I've always loved but that they almost quit playing after this tour. Moreover I love this version of Man o' sand to girl o' sea.

Picture taken from Flick (and from a 1985 show, by the way, but I liked it a lot)
Feel free to comment (and does anyone know what happened to the Go-Betweens' Archive?)

01. Bye Bye Pride

02. Unkind & Unwise
03. Part Company
04. The House That Jack Kerouac Built
05. The Clarke Sisters
06. This Girl, Black Girl
07. Don't Call Me Gone
08. When People Are Dead
09. Your Turn, My Turn
10. Cut It Out
11. You Tell Me
12. Head Full Of Steam
13. Right Here
14. Man O'Sand To Girl O'Sea
15. Cattle And Cane
16. Spring Rain
17. Apology Accepted
18. Karen

Live in Manchester 1987

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steve said...

Great post, thanks very much!
Steve Kilbey recorded a beautiful tribute on the anniversary of Grants death on his blog.