Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Richard Thompson: Dream Attic Acoustic Demos

I haven't been posting anything in a very long time, but I mean to get back to give you more music (and so please leave comments if you want any old d/l likn reposted), starting now with these Acoustic Demos from Richard Thompson's new album "Dream Attic". Two reasons why I've decided to post this: I love Thompson's music (that's one, and it's an obvious one), and (the second one is) I think the demos are maybe even better the electric album itself. It may be because it is also a live recording, I don't know, but except for some tracks (i.e. the magnificent Crimescene: go check that on the original "Dream Attic"), I find it a bit laid back, too controlled.
Although there are, indeed (and as always), many great guitar licks and solos, as you will see by listening to this youtube video:

Anyway, if you like RT's stuff I urge you to go buy the "Dream Attic Deluxe Edition" (which includes this demos (@ or @ RT's website).
In the meantime get this:

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blureu said...

Happy you're back. Have any recent Robert Forster and/or new Go-Betweens?