Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bob Mould: Live Solo December '09

I went to see Bob Mould for the very first time only last December (I know: shame on me, I know...), and it was kind of a weird concert too, being the good old Bob on his own (i.e. with no backing band). No harm done, but, being Mould definitely one of the godfathers of punk (punkfathers?), it is a bit weird seeing him play with no heavy sounding backup. But it was also good having the chance to listen to these (well-known, to me at least) songs flirting with a new (and more simple) dress. Though, yes, Mould is no Richard Thompson, and hence there isn't much great guitar here, but this doesn't necessarily mean that it's not a good listen.
And now there is jsut one more thing I'd like to stress: the man does have a great voice.
Plus, there's his whole life in music here: Husker Du, Sugar and solo career. And yeah, this is an audience recording, but not such a bad one (more or less like the last one I taped myself, the Piano Magic one).

(Picture taken from Flickr)

01 Wishing well
02 Hear me calling
03 Hoover dam
04 See a little light
05 No reservations
06 Hardly getting over it
07 Sinners and their repentances
08 I'm sorry baby...
09 Life and times
10 The Breach + Paralyzed
11 Your favorite thing + The act we act
12 I apologize + something I learned today
13 In a free land + Celebrated summer
14 If I can't change your mind
15 Makes no sense at all

Live December '09

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