Monday, November 24, 2008

The X: Live At the Whisky a Go-Go

Well, I meant to say a lot of things to say about this nice live (and official) recording of the X, like: this is one of my fave bands, one of the best rocking bands etc etc. But these last days sucked, so I'll cut it short and just post this.
I'll try to be better next time around.
The next post is supposed to be on Robert Forster.

Part 1 Part 2


chino said...

Grazie, lo stavo cercando da un bel po'!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. Martin from Canada.

ronin said...

Thank you for this and for future shares. Ronaldo from Brazil!

Anonymous said...

is this the lp or cd (missing a few songs due to length)?

Jack said...

I had the cassette originally, then bought the CD years later. If I remember correctly, the cassette (and LP) had a few tracks (maybe 2?) that were omitted from the CD. In any format, when you hear John Doe say "Well, helllllllloooooooooo everybody, from the Whiskey a Go-Go on the fabulous Sunset Strip..." you know you're in for a treat. Love this release!!

Jack said...

I have the CD release on my iPod, and I know one of the songs missing from the CD is "In the Time It Takes."

If that song isn't on this download, it's from the CD.