Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Go-Betweens: Live @ Wellington, New Zealand, February 12, 1985

First of all I'd like to thank Uli for giving me this wonderful boot. Because it is a great boot: excellent sound, plus it includes one of the rare live recordings of River of money (as final song: the cd from which it was ripped had some damage hence the noises at the end, still a great thing).
But what is most intriguing of this whole performance is seeing the Go-Betweens right before becoming a more pop-rock-oriented ensemble: in fact many of the songs performed can still be considered inside the new wave "canon" (many from "Before Hollywood", and then -as I said before- the brave spoken word of River of money).
I also hope you enjoy the nice picture I managed to find (from one of my old music magazines). And if any of you has any image of the gbs that can be of some interest feel free to upload it and give me the link, it'd be highly appreciated.


1. Cattle & Cane
2. Part Company
3. Unkind & Unwise
4. On My Block
5. Right For Him
6. Bachelor Kisses
7. Rare Breed
8. Five Words
9. Right Word
10. Draining The Pool For You
11. That Way
12. People Say
13. A Bad Debt Follows You
14. Man O'Sand To Girl O'Sea
15. I Need Two Heads
16. Hammer The Hammer
17. River Of Money

Live @ Wellington 1985


misha said...

Thank you a lot, Tim. It's very interesting stuff indeed (the upload went fine).I'm going to post it quite soon (thing is: I've planned some non gbs stuff and then a recent robert forster gig).
Btw if you happen to have some picture of the go-betweens feel free to send them too.
And thank you again!

Bobby said...

Wow, what a treat. I can't wait to hear this one.

Probably my favourite period of the Go-Betweens. Like you said, as they were transitioning from jerkier, new-wave to more through-and-through pop.

And also a period that seems to be under-represented with widely available live recordings. I've found a bunch from the early days and lots from 87 onwards, but the mid eighties is sadly lacking from my collection.

What a great and wide selection of songs in this set.

Thanks so much for this!

Bobby (Melbourne via Brisbane)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Misha!!

LynnGish said...

Can you please re upload the Breathless album "Three Times And Waving"? I really love it. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for letting us/me listen to what The Go Betweens were in 1985.
The Go-Betweens are one of my favorite bands but since 1988, so I've never seen them during the first life of the band. I've seen them only once in Barcelona 6 years ago (or 7 or 5)and it was magic.
I'm still reminding that Robert & Grant seem really happy to play together again (it's the feeling I had and it makes me so happy too...)
Really a great souvenir for the rest of my life.
And it's rare to listen to the sound of the band in the mid 80's !! I've already listen to live performance but from "the second life" of the band...
I thank you again for that !!

(Mulk > From France in very bad english language)