Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Robert Forster: Live In Copenhagen (2008-09-28)

Yes, people sometimes do tend to go back to the "crime scene": in this case RobertForster got back to Vega, Copenhagen where he performed with The Go-Betweens during the 2000 tour (I posted the Vega 2000 boot, btw) and I'm SO glad he did because this soundboard recording bootleg of that gig is really a treat, a gift to all GBs fans out there: we're talking about a long set (over 2 hours!) spanning through Forster's whole career, including also some of gbs' least frequently live played songs (I'm allright and Rock'n'roll friend), Robert singing one of Grant's GBs' songs (and one of his best: Quiet heart, I think a regular one of The Evangelist tour), an Heart out to tender (from the "Danger in the past" LP) I didn't remember so fine, several numbers from The Evangelist, and many many others (my fave bits: a Something for myself never so intimate before, a When she sang about angels with a brand new and really beautiful acoustic guitar solo in the middle).
In short terms: a topnotch bootleg (both for the the performance itself and for the quality of the recording), of which I have no problem saying it would probably fit among a Top 5 of all the go-betweens-oriented bootlegs I've posted.

And there's also more stuff to come...

Live In Copenhagen Part 1
Live In Copenhagen Part 2


Matthias said...

Misha, how do I love you and your musical taste? Let me count the ways: 1,000,000,000,000,000

misha said...

Glad to hear it Matthias...and btw, Wuthering Heights (as you probably have already noticed) is one of my fave books too.

Matthias said...

I lent that book to my older sister and she called it "evil!" And yes, we were from the same womb. At least that's what the family claims. :-0

BTW, I've listened to the show now and it is a true gem. Could be released by the man himself I bet.

Wish I could have seen them this time around. They totally skipped over the midwest except for the VU museum dates in Cleveland. sigh.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

This sounds fantastic misha, many thanks
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Misha!

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year!


AndrewK said...

Triple wow Misha! Thanks a million for posting this...have a great Christmas!

hookfinger said...

Very,very nice show. Thank you!!