Friday, March 23, 2007

Julie's Haircut On Streaming

Last week I've been at a Julie's Haircut's concert and, as always, it has been a hell of a gig: it is kind of hard for me to explain how great they are to people who have never seen them live, because when they are on the road they are the best at what they do (and what they do, by the way, is an extremely exciting live act, based mainly on loose versions of songs from their last album, "After dark, my sweet", which got recorded in only one week on a very improv mood, and with the help of ex Spacemen 3 Sonic Boom).
So my idea was introduce some people who may be curious about them (and if you aren't...well, you should, ok?) with a collection of 14 songs that I have picked from their whole career (i.e. 4 albums and some EPs), and that I have put in the sidebar on the right on streaming and so hope to push someone to go look for their records and maybe buy something.
One more thing: I took the picture over here, so you can blame me anytime you feel like...

More Info:
"After dark, my sweet" @ iTunes
"After dark, my sweet" @ SonicRocket
Julies' Haircut Press


Overhere said...

Come and check my blog for some go-betweens - 1983

pyke said...

i've lived in Perugia and Bologna during the 90s and that's when i came across Julie's Haircut - one of the best powerpop bands of the last decade. I remember Pass the ashtray on repeat for days...Anyway i finally tracked down another great band of the era SCISMA and their cd "Armstrong" the last time i visited Italy. Can't find "Rosemary Plexiglass" though and italian friends told me it is deleted and no more in the market. If you have it, post it! Very good work! Also i have somewhere "Illumina" by Elettrojoyce which was a really great record. Whatever happened to them r they still around?
Anyway keep up the good work ...

Shamrockske said...

I saw them in Bruges early january. I thought they sucked bigtime. Some interesting soundscapes, but then getting totally lost in the electronic freak stuff.

check out blackbox revelation who was opening up for them. they ROCK!