Thursday, March 01, 2007

Breathless: Three times and waving

Now another shoegazing band, Breathless, that probably not many people know of. Nevermind that "Three times and waving"is indeed a very good album, even better to me because its cons are its pros: in fact "Three times.." may sound like a bit of a blur, not completely on focus, but I'd state that this is its fascination, i.e. having so many things in it, unlike many other shoegazing bands that often looked like My Bloody Velentine cover bands Breathless may have less of an impact but more intriguing nuances. Moreover Dominic Appleton has a voice that I find slightly similar to Interpol's Paul Banks (which is good, me being a fan and all).
Anyway,"Three times..." has psychedelia, 60's pop, shoegazing guitars, and charming and hypnotic rythms (one of the best thing in this LP: the work on bass and drums and).

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Three times and waving

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Anonymous said...

I respectfully suggest that Breathless isn't a shoegaze band at all. Their early recordings predated the shoegaze fad by a decade or more. They are brilliant romantic pop. Like And Also The Trees, or Crime and the City Solution. Yeah.