Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Introducing Joss Stone

This is a bit of a strange upload (specially after Richard Thompson), but I love this girl and I don't really give a care if she is mainstream, because if you like Motown artists, old school Soul (and not many fake r'n'b plastic things like Shakira and such) you ought to like Joss. Her first LP, Soul sessions, all of it made of beautiful covers of great soul music, was a gem, while the second, Mind , body & soul, was someway a letdown, probably given to the fact that those were the first songs she had writted herself.
Introducing... on the other hand is a much more mature work, also thanks to a splendid production made by Raphael Saadiq, that is worth a grown-up audience, and not only teenagers. Why? Because imho things like "Bruised but not broken" could have been written by Prince (and that's not the only one that gave me this impression), and "Tell me 'bout it" is a great Supremes-like groovy thang, isn't it?
Hell, I don't want to, in no way, compare her to Janis Joplin, bit she deserves some credit. She may not be the soul-saviour, but still she is the best in what she does (among the living at least, and leaving out some great old men & women like, say, Solomon Burke or Bettye Lavette).
Though her new hair style sucks.
(And the upload is 192k, not the usual, lame 128)

Introducing Joss Stone

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